Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supercross SLC 2012- Go Ryan Dungey!

I've got to admit, we weren't as excited for Supercross this year. (My post from Supercross 2011)
Only because we didn't think anyone was left in the race that we knew or really liked. We were super stoked when we found out Ryan Dungey was riding! Woofreakinghoo! Go Dungey #5! And man, did he ride!

(Don't miss hubby's thoughts at the end........)

We did our usual hang out in the pits before the race.

We drank our usual Monster on the way down, because an empty Monster Can = free pass to the pit party. (Side note, we prefer Rockstar! I mean LoVE Rockstar!) John does like the coffee flavor Monster drinks and I tried the lemonade/tea flavor which wasn't bad for it being low calorie. We always drink them on the way in the car and finish them off on the walk down the hill to the stadium.

Me with my Monster/Fox jacket, John with his Rockstar/Fox jacket. Actually it's the other way around, but we wear each other's jackets. Did that even make sense? (underneath our jackets- Hart and Huntington/Rockstar shirt for John, Fox shirt for me) Later on, we went and hung out at the Nitro Circus trailer.... they spray painted us with Nitro Circus "tramp stamps". John got a free shirt for walking on his hands. He did awesome, he didn't even know he could do it.  We were disappointed to see that no one was there from Nitro Circus. Do they not love their fans anymore? We see their trailers now and then, but not them.  :(

Tristan, John and Trey Canard #41?

John and I did the Toyota Teeter Challenge again, because we rock like that. (We did it last year too)

John First:

My Turn:

Race time....

I spy Ryan Dungey- Can you find him?

Go get him, Dungey!
I love this picture! Bound and determined.
I'm kind of bummed, towards the end, I missed some great pictures because everyone stood up and blocked my view. Then it was over.

Hooray for #5! Congratulations, Dungey! Way to go!

I will be adding my husband's comments tomorrow or ASAP

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