Sunday, May 1, 2011

Supercross SLC 2011 Woohoo, what a ride! (plus hubby's comments)

Over the last few years I've become a fan of Supercross thanks to my husband.  I started watching races with him on tv starting in 2005. Last year was the first year I went to a live race with him. We even took our kids and stayed over night downtown.

We were all very excited to go last year. We went and hung out at the Pit Party and got plenty of pictures, autographs and free stuff. It was rainy off and on and there was a lot of walking around. By the time the race started, we were cold, wet and miserable. We still enjoyed it all, but we (the kids mainly) could only take so much and we didn't stay for the whole race. We left with about 30-40 minutes left in the race.

This year as the time grew nearer, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. (not sure why) I guess I just didn't want to get rained out again. Hubby of course wanted to go and asked me to get tickets. I decided I'd go with him, but we'd leave the kids this time. So I found tickets and got us a hotel downtown. I was lucky enough to get hooked up with a nice suite at a nice price thanks to a cousin in law.

I felt a bit spoiled. And I loved it!
We'd been needing a weekend getaway and I was excited for it all.

The morning of Supercross, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel (Waffles, eggs, fruit) Then we got ready for the adventure.

Johnny showing his Nitro Circus Pride!  :)

First thing we did when we got to the Pit Party was potty. LOL. Then we checked out our seats. They were up 60 rows. (nice workout on stairs) Johnny knew a good area to get tickets where we'd be covered. I was so happy, because it was snowing off and on. I had wished it hadn't rained like last year. Well, be careful what you wish for. (it really wasn't that bad, just cold off and on)

John started off with the Toyota Teeter Totter Challenge.
You have to try and balance the truck. Best time wins. (longest time)


We went and hung out a few more places...

No pics of this, but we entered a Monster (energy drink) guzzling contest. We didn't win, but Johnny came close. We sure felt the effects for awhile. P.S. We prefer Rockstar, shhh.

It was fun, I broke out of my shell a little more than usual. I even decided after awhile that I'd try the Teeter Totter challenge. The issue wasn't that it was "hard"... I just don't like people watching me do stuff. Unless it's a singing contest, I can somehow sing in front of people.

We were more than happy to catch a glimpse of Chad Reed. Even if it was from behind. I didn't mind at all! 

We later got to see him from the front. We thought we were going to get to meet him and all that.. but apparently you had to get a ticket earlier for that. We didn't know.

At least John got to get his picture taken with Travis Pastrana.

 (Ok, so it was just a cardboard cutout...) That's ok, we have met him twice before. Bummed to not see the Nitro Circus Crew, but later John did run into Greg Godfrey.

We did get to meet these 2 cute guys.

We saw Ryan Dungey:

Don't know the other people, we were just walking by and taking pics.

Finally, we see Chad Reed's front side:

Johnny decided to try the Teeter Totter Challenge again.

And then I decided to give it a shot. Now let me explain something... I got in and was still kind of shaking from guzzling the Monster. So I had to take a minute to calm down and then I asked the guy if I needed to put on my seatbelt. He said it was a good idea. Oh and someone had left something in there earlier, so the guy was checking for it.. not there. (so that's what's all going on inside for the first 30 seconds)
Then hubby tells the guy I don't drive a lot... trying to help me out or something. Thanks hon.

Time for the Race:

It's taking forever to upload pics... so I will add the rest later.

I'll leave you with my husband's comments.


  1. Love this girl! Good for you for getting out of your shell more! (I hadn't realized you were quite as shy as you were. I hope I didn't intimidate you with how LOUD I am...on our skype call)

    Love the teeter totter challenge. That looks easier than it is I bet.
    I hope you have a good week girl!

  2. Thank you. No you were fine, hee hee.

    :) Hope you have a great week too!


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