Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest post- Difference

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Last night my ex came over to visit with Ms. M; I think due to his schedule change this next cycle and not having her as much he has just been bummed out.  He was over for an extended amount of time and before he had come over I explained numerous times that daddy was coming to play but she was staying at my house still.  She seemed to grasp what I was saying but when it came down to it she was sad and wanted to go home with my ex.  I told her that he had work tomorrow and that she needed to stay with mommy.  My ex didn't once pipe in until he was walking out the door that he had to work.  She was just upset and got really upset with him because she didn't really get why she couldn't go home with him.

I thought that after he had left that it would be a nightmare trying to get her wrestled to bed; it really wasn't that bad though.  My brother, S and Ms. M share a room right now and it helped.  To be honest, it was a breeze!  Normally when these kind of things happen she whines that she wants to sleep in my bed and I usually cave and let her because it breaks my heart that she is so upset.  She still tried the let me sleep with mama line but when I told her that she needed to sleep in her bed she was okay.  She and my brother made faces at each other and the transition of my ex leaving went so much more smooth then it has in the past.  It was a blessing having my brother living with me!  There weren't tears with my ex leaving like there would have been in the past.  It kind of gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to have a male figure in the house again.

My brother has been a huge help with Ms. M in little ways and this was definitely a huge help.  I know I can trust my brother with Ms. M and not worried that she is going to be neglected or treated badly.  He'll play with her and let her play with his guitar even though he is probably having a heart attack that it will fall over and break.  He will roar with her and play toys with her.  These are things that didn't happen with her dad til after I filed for divorce.  I am grateful for my brother and his willingness to spend time with his niece and be there for us!

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