Friday, September 10, 2010

Yeah so it's my birthday...

I love Fall. The change of weather is awesome, especially here in Utah. I mean... I just LOVE the Fall colors... leaves mainly, orange and red this time of year. Absolutely beautiful!  I also enjoy changing my wardrobe. Hooray for jeans and long sleeve shirts!

Oh and of course my birthday is in the Fall... today to be exact. #33. Not too bad, especially considering I already thought I was 33 earlier this year. See previous post HERE.

So can I just be selfish today and tell you what I want for my birthday? Well I'm going to anyway......

I posted on Twitter the other day that I wanted:

So what am I getting for my b-day? 

  • Rolling Stones magazine that's a special Beatles edition- All about the Beatles
  • Beatles folders
  • Beatles shirt
  • Awesome I'm A Pepper Dr. Pepper shirt- too funny cuz my nickname is PepperBird. I've been wanting this shirt Forever
  • some other clothes
  • My dad gave me an early b-day present of helping me pay for Paul McCartney tickets -
Well that's what I picked out and know I'm getting. And then you're getting me something from my list above, right? *wink wink, nudge nudge*


I'm hoping to have a date night with hubby tonight. I'd like to go to Red Lobster. YUM. (oh I know, that's Red Robin's slogan. Red Robin... YUM! lol, they're good too!) Haven't been there for awhile and we used to go there back in the day. Then tomorrow I'm having a birthday party. I feel like such a little kid. There's a cool new place and it sounded fun. Wanna come?

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Birthday girl!!!
    I'll be sure to pass on your birthday wishes....

  2. Have a very happy birthday lovely!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm your newest blog follower!!! Have a super day!!


  4. Happy belated b-day!! Hope ur party is fun, we have Incredible Pizza here and it is FUN!

  5. Thanks for all the b-day wishes!

    Incredible Pizza was a blast! I felt like a little kid. We even did the birthday package so I had a party room and we played musical chairs. LOL. We stayed and played for 6 hours. We did mini golf, go karts, laser tag and arcade. Towards the end, my girls and I got our faces painted. I'll add pics later.


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