Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm screaming with nervous anxiety and excitement (surrogacy book)

Are you tired of hearing it yet? I'm getting so close! I got my ISBN # for my book this morning.

My book is now available to pre-order for $1.00 off even. I think online ordering is even up and running. 

The reason I feel like screaming? Well 1st- from pure excitement! (Awesome screaming) 2nd-because I'm nervous. Nervous of what? Putting myself out there, in the spotlight, drawing attention to myself and my book. I'm kind of scared in a happy way. I just don't know if I'm ready to be reviewed and critiqued, but ready or not....


Media Contact: Jill Reeder


Surrogacy Books

P.O. Box 904

Sandy, Utah 84091


By now I’m sure we’ve all heard of surrogacy. We see it on television, in the news, and even in movies. It is a way for a family to realize their dream of having their own children, with the help of a human stork. Jill Hancock Reeder has seen that dream come true twice by being a surrogate; first with a little girl and then with twin boys. She started blogging about surrogacy last September. She reviewed 2 children’s books on the subject before deciding to write her own, Once Upon A Surrogate: The Stork’s Helpers.

She started designing merchandise for surrogates and intended parents in 2005. She used ideas from her phrases and sayings to form a story that would be enjoyable for children. She has already received interest in her book and has been approached for review. She has even received interest from people who have not been involved in surrogacy. She is giving away a chance to receive her book for review at her blog,

In this book you will read about Jill’s first surrogacy experience, touching base on how the children handled the experience and how they were involved. The story is presented through facts with a fairy tale twist.

Jill has involved her children as her illustrators and her dad as her printer and consultant. She will be marketing, promoting and publishing the book herself with a little help from her family, friends and the internet.

Jill grew up in Sandy, Utah and currently resides in Eagle Mountain, Utah. She was a Navy wife for 10 years where she lived in Florida and San Diego for part of that time. (her husband got out 2008) She started home-schooling her 3 children the end of 2009. She has been a surrogate 3 times. She has already begun working on a 2nd book in her Once Upon A Surrogate series.

Once Upon A Surrogate: The Stork’s Helpers (ISBN: 978-1-4507-3642-8) can be pre-ordered starting September 10, 2010, which is her birthday. Books won’t be available for official release until 10/10/10. (1 year anniversary of her going through the LDS temple with her husband and children) To start out, her book will be available online at The first 10 books sold will be signed and will include stickers and bookmarks. She will soon be selling her book at the local bookstore in Eagle Mountain, Dragons and Fairytales, as well as other bookstores. You can visit her personal blog where she talks about almost anything and everything, including surrogacy. Book signings will be announced soon on her websites.

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  1. It looks great Jill! Congratulations! -Sarah

  2. Sent the media release to Good Things Utah!!
    YAY! YAY! YAY!

    You will be just FINE.
    People will love you!

  3. Thank you Sarah.

    OCB- You are too sweet! Don't ever change. LOL


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