Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twas the night before hubby's birthday: a funny story

I turned on the sprinklers. I worked on my book and I played on the internet. About 40 minutes later, hubby says "You forgot to turn off the sprinklers" Oh ok, oops. I come upstairs, assuming he's turned them off.


He asks me, "Are you going to turn them off?" My reply "Oh, I thought you did."

He replies, "I can't, I'm in my underwear." I say, "Well I got soaked turning them on, I don't want to get wet again."  He suggests going over the railing. I say, "But my legs are short, I can't do that as well as you can."

It's now after 11 PM. I walk out the front door and it's pitch black outside. I tell hubby, "It's dark, I can't see what I'm doing." We only have motion lights out front so he tells me to flip the switch and jump up and down in front of the sensor. I follow his instructions.

I proceed to fling one leg over the railing. I'm stuck. I can't touch ground without grabbing on to something and in previous experiences, the railing isn't very sturdy to CLIMB on or hold on to in that manner. So I am stuck in hover mode and I'm contemplating my next move.

That's when a car drives by. (please, please don't see me) It slows down. Nooooo, don't stop in front of our house. I'm thinking it either looks like I'm trying to sneak out or sneak in.

 I hear my name: "Jill, what are you doing?"
 Pure embarassment. (it's our new bishop and his cute family)  "Um, I'm trying to turn off the sprinklers, but my legs are too short." They kindly offer up their son to help me. He runs through the sprinklers and I try my best to explain how to turn them on.

They start chatting with me about my husband's birthday the next day. I think it was his wife Stace that asks how old he's going to be. Well hubby and I are the same age within months of each other so I'm thinking, well I'm 33 so he must be turning 34. I say "He'll be 34." They reply, "Oh wow he's getting old." Ha ha, funny because I know they are a few years older than us.

In the meantime my husband throws on some clothes and peeks his head out. They say, "I hear you're going to be 34." He says, "No I'm going to be 33." I say, "Did ya skip a year sweetie?" He says, "No, I was born in 77, it's 2010, I'm going to be 33."

I say, "You mean I'm only 32?" I laugh a little uncomfortably because I already felt like an idiot.

The next day in the shower, (where I do my best thinking) I think I should have said...... "Yeah my husband isn't supposed to let me out at night without my medication."


  1. oh that is hilarious!!!
    I hope you weren't still in your underwear..LOL.
    Just pajamas huh?
    LOL. That would have SO happen to me too...

  2. ha haha! Have you been thinking you're 33 this whole time?! Thats too funny! What a great story!

  3. OCB- I was still dressed! :)

    Britanny- yeah, and my b-day is in September. Who knows how long I've been thinking that... lol.

  4. ha ha! This is a great story. At least YOU weren't in your underwear.

    Hey, I'm following back and I'll be back too. Just you wait...

  5. Yes, not in that adventure. That was a different adventure that I was in my underwear...

    I look forwar to it! (you following me)


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