Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I meant to say Wednesday


We took the kids to see a movie on Saturday. We didn't go to our usual theatre for what we thought were good reasons.

1) We were already headed in the direction of the other theatre

2) We needed to come back home and get dressed for a wedding reception and we live 30-40 minutes from anywhere

3) The wedding reception was in the same direction as our usual theatre, so that seemed silly to go that way just to come back home, just to turn around and go back that way

4) Because of the above reasons, movie times seemed imporant as well and this other theatre had what we wanted to see at a time that would work for our plans

5) Did I confuse you yet?

We decide that the Sorceror's Apprentice at 2:10 would work perfect. We get there about 1:50. Yay, we have time for popcorn. My son and I stand in line and go through the silly little line maze even though we were the only ones there.  We order 2 drinks and a large popcorn. By then hubby and our 2 girls walk in and catch up with us. We brought paper bags to distribute popcorn for everyone. The bucket is now pretty much empty and hubby and I don't really have any. My 10 year old daughter notices that there's a coupon on the bucket for 1 free refill. We go back to the line.

There are 2 registers, so I stand behind one lady at the register I was previously at. She and her bratty children are taking FOREVER!!!  Not only do they not know what they want, but when they do decide, that particular item is "out" so they have to choose something else. One of her kids gets popcorn and drowns it in butter.. Then an older lady cuts over and gets butter for her popcorn while the 1st lady keeps ordering stuff.  It's now 2:08 and hubby and I are giving each other looks. I say to dh, "Yeah I guess this is why we don't come here!" I'm debating on whether or not to go get our seats and come back to get the popcorn in a minute. I suggest this to hubby. (We LOVE our usual theatre because they have reserved seating)

A manager notices us and asks if we've been helped. I say, (fairly rudely and annoyed) "Yeah, we just wanted to get our popcorn refilled."
He replies, "Well the line is back there and points to the rat maze. There are now 2 families in the line.
I reply, "Well I guess we'll just try to get to our movie then." Hubby throws in a few cuss words and that we are NEVER coming back here again and we head to our movie. By the time we walk in it's 2:20. They are still showing credits. Movie started late, so we had plenty of time to get the popcorn. I just didn't think it was a law to stand in the maze especially when there's no one there!

I pretty much said what I wanted to say, only I would have added that it's ridiculous that they don't have a line JUST for refilling your popcorn!


  1. OH that is crap and if I were you I would write a letter to the corporate office of the theater and tell them of the rude service

  2. They really should have a line for refills because most people will want a refill in the middle of their movie, and the longer they have to stand there, the more they miss. Stink-o! But you really made me hungry for popcorn. Does that count as lunch?

  3. Never go some place different. That is my motto!

  4. jeez louise!
    Good criminy.
    I'm sorry.
    NEVER go to that movie again!


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