Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flashback Friday Journal edition

Ok, I've been wanting to do a flashback Friday with old videos, pictures etc.

Well my bestest friend since I was 3 posted this on my Facebook wall:

July 16, 1991: "Dear Journal, Today was a fun day. Me and my best friend went to the mall. We saw some cute guys but we didn't want to talk to them because we already have boyfriends. My boyfriend's name is Steve. He is really nice but I don't know what he looks like & Jill's boyfriends name is Cameron. ...He's nice too, but we can't wait to meet them. Well I better go -K- BYE!!! Love, Stephanie "

I replied "Are you freaking kidding me? Who the heck are Steve and Cameron? Where did we meet them? And how old were we in 91? Let's see I'd be about 14 and you'd be 13? Oh geez. I was going to do this to where did I put that darn journal/...diary?"

And then I actually found one of my journals and checked to see if I wrote anything the same day and found this:

Hmmm: Same date: July 16, 1991

10:55 PM

Hello! Or should I say goodnight? My brother has been in Logan, he was living there in a condo with his friend Page. They were there because they were going to go to USU. School for them didn't start un...til October, they went there early to find a job and work for 3 months before school started. They were there for probably about a month and it's a small town and they couldn't find jobs, so my brother moved back home and is going to go to a different college. Well anyway, when he was living there they had a cat. Her name is Love or Luv. Anyway he brought her home with us so now we have a cat. She is totally black with green eyes that glow in the dark.

(I freaking LOVED that cat)

Enough about that-------

Cameron is getting back Friday July 19th. 3 more days to go! I'm not ging to do what Gill did to me! I was going out with him and I went to Puerto Vallarta for a week and when I got back he was going with someone else! The scum-sucking pig couldn't wait a week for me, but I can wait a month for Cameron! When Stephanie writes in her journal she writes Dear Charlie- Maybe I should start writing Dear Rod, that used to be my nick-name! (because of my love for Rod Stewart)

Here are some other old nicknames:



Maggie Simpson

Marge Simpson

Joe McIntyre



and my most recent nick-name is Billy Bob

Love ya,


I ♥ Cameron 11:10 PM
I don't remember 1/2 those nicknames.. must have been just for a day and I still have no clue who Steve or Cameron are. They must have been some firiend of  a friend weird thing. We always had boyfriends who we had never met, but talked to on the phone. Kinda creepy/scary now that I think about it..
I read on and after a few months of being "rad as hell friends", Cameron was a complete and total jerk to me and said some really hurtful things to me. I don't believe we ever met.
I also read about liking 6 guys at the same time in 8th grade. (nothing new there)
One of the guys names was John. Well I don't remember liking many Johns, but I was an aide in 8th grade and there was a guy named John in that class and I later found out he had a crush on me and thought I was in high school. I also happened to end up marrying the guy.  I wonder....


  1. HAha. Love it. I remembered all the boys I had crushes on in high school. Especially middle school. but I didn't like that MANY
    But I did have a few and if I though about it I could probably name them...
    Thanks for the flashback friday! This was fun!

  2. Whoa! The red poncho! I'd forgotten all about those. Too cool.


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