Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I meant to say Wednesday


We have been saving our change/coins in an effort to fund a family vacation this Fall.  I usually take the coins to coinstar. However, I thought I'd save a few dollars and roll them and take them to the Credit Union.

I couldn't find the rollers at the dollar store last week, but I found them at Walmart on Monday. YAY! So I roll what I can evenly roll into their proper wrappers. I had $28.00= 2 ($10 quarter rolls), 1 ($5 dimes), 2 ($2 nickels), 2 (50 cent pennies). Do the math, it adds up right?

My son and I drive to the C.U. We go in, since we have rolled coins and that's the rules. I park, get out and drop a roll. I try not to say anything nasty, but I'm getting a bad feeling and getting irrated for some reason.

 I open up an account for our vacation money we've saved so far and hand the teller the rolled coins. She looks new. She says to me, "You don't have to roll the coins, we have to count them in our machine anyway."

I say, "Oh ok" and kind of giggle.

WIMTS: "Are you flipping kidding me? You mean I could have saved $2.45 + tax and not bought these stupid wrappers? You mean I didn't have to stay up an extra 20-30 minutes last night wrapping all this dirty money and re-counting to make sure I was right?"

The teller proceeds to pour the change into the counter. It takes forever. She comes back and tells me I'm 2 pennies short.

I say, "Oh, well I have 2 pennies here" and I hand her 2 pennies.

WIMTS: "Um yeah, I don't think so because I counted those and I'm pretty good at math and I double-checked and everything."

She mumbles something about $18.00. I think, clearly she must have failed math and how did she get a job here? We go about doing other business and I ask, "Did you say there was $18.00 in change?" She says, "Yeah $18.48." I say, "I brought in 2 ($10 quarter rolls)". She says, "Well the machine counted $18.48" I then have a conversation with my son and we decided that I either left a roll in the truck or dropped it with the other roll. He backs me up that there was $28.00 in change! She can't do anything about it because the machine is always right!

WIMTS: "Look, why the hell did I waste my time to roll all these coins just so I could come in here and be short $10.00? I could have taken them to coinstar and left with more money! Give me back my coins, apparantly your machine can't count and you're making me feel like you think I'm a liar!"

I really hate it when technology is STUPID!

My son had $4.00 in nickels that he rolled that morning. We tell the lady that we would like the $4.00 as cash back. She takes his nickels to the machine. She comes back after 5 minutes and says, "Oops, my bad. I found your other $10.00 and 2 pennies."  HA!  She had to empty out the machine in the middle of my coin process because it was full. Well I guess she didn't check it very good. She did apologize, but I was still irritated. What if she hadn't noticed and we had left? I would have felt like I was crazy or like they were WRONG and I would have been trying to figure the whole thing out. I certainly would have gone to coinstar next time.

WIMTS: "Oh well then, I see your machine is only as smart as the teller that operates it. So I'm not a liar am I? I know how to count, huh? Thanks for wasting my time and starting my day off all S*****!"


  1. Really? So did you get your 28 bucks finally?
    I mean U are a bank teller count it by hand...
    You know...
    What a day!
    Dumb bank tellers...

  2. Yes $28 was deposited. GRR- it was $18.50 and then $9.52 because of the 2 pennies I gave her which she said I shorted her.
    If I have to go in again I will patiently wait for anyone else but her!

  3. My mom used to work at a bank as a teller and she still doesn't trust those machines! She rolls them all at home and keeps them in a big box. She told me when she goes to cash them all in she is just dumping it all in the coinstar because she knows the teller machines lie! LOL

  4. WOW! I always use coinstar too, because it seems faster and easier.. and honestly I get annoyed EVERY time I go into a bank!

  5. Ha ha! Jokes on her! You would think she would have seen you had that much on her WAY TO THE MACHINE!

  6. OH I woulda gone OFF. Seriously 2 pennies I can see but a whole dang roll of quarters.. umm NOT>>

  7. I simply hate those days. All we can do to try to make it better, is bask in the satisfaction of knowing that we WERE right all along!

  8. That is one looses a whole roll of quarters!

    Maybe we have some sort of nationwide customer service crisis going on this week.

    Next time go straight to the coin star...think of the fee as an investment in your mental and emotional health! =)

  9. The bank where the business I work for well they hire anyone with a pulse so I always go in and look for the one smart old lady ...It is terrible

  10. Thanks for all the comment love and advice!

    Coinstar definitely sounds like the best way to go.


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