Friday, August 20, 2010

Attention Please: Guest Post By One Cluttered Brain

This is my 1st guest poster. Take it away OCB-

It is FRIDAY! YAY! And do you know what that means? I better start writing for Mormon Surrogate. *cough,cough* She asked me to guest post like 2 weeks ago is it now? *sigh* I hope this post makes up for my procrastination and crazy busy LIFE I've been leading lately! :)

I'm sitting here eating a ice-cream sandwich pop-tart and browsing Facebook and Twitter when I learned a very important fact. I need to start WRITING. I kinda had a deadline to guest post on this FABULOUS blog that you are reading right now. And when am I getting it done? Just now, as we speak. I have a few tips for you on blogging and twittering, and what NOT to do, what to do...and so forth.

Are you following me thus far?

Good. We can begin. *AHEM*

* Blogging. Blog only when you feel like it. Because if blogging becomes a chore that you are not gonna want to do it very often. (So what does that say about me and my blogging habits? I just posted 24 blog posts in 24 hours for #Blogapalooza event Aug 17th and Aug 18th.) I got part of my blog turn into a book. Cool? I think it is.

* Twitter. Mention your blog posts when you update. Mention the cool peeps that you follow. Strike up conversation with the ultra COOL peeps on Twitter. Tweet out your cool giveaways that you are hosting on your blog. Log on at least once or twice a day on Twitter to see what is going on. NEVER, EVER just update Twitter with what you just ate all the time. That gets old real fast.

That sums up about what I do know. LOL.

But wait, Cluttered Brain you might say, That's it. This is all you are gonna post on this fabulous blog?

You WANT more?

I just can't please everybody now can I?

Perhaps I should share a video I just made?

I mean, videos are THE BEST WAY in my opinion, to get people's attention. And I happen to think I make some awesome videos.

So here is goes. :)


Once you get really good with blogging you might want to try vlogging! It is wonderful and FUN and allows you to make so many wonderful connections!

This is all i have for you. :)

If you want to read MORE about me, head on over One Cluttered Brain. (


  1. I really thought the shirt was coming off there for a second! I had to look around and make sure my boys weren't watching! :)

  2. LOL...NAh....That WOULD be too scary if the shirt came off...LOL.
    I'm all good. :)
    Thanks for watching!

  3. You are always good at entertaining!!

  4. Ah, been following the clutter for some time now. She is great, her vlogs are always interesting.


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