Saturday, July 10, 2010

MRI= Valium (my latest health update)

Yeah, I couldn't think of a clever title. If you know me, you may remember that I've been having headaches since February of this year, pretty much every day all day. They have been getting less frequent and even went away for about a week. However, I was recently referred to a neurologist who figured it was probably best to get an MRI. SOMETHING caused these headaches, and we don't want to miss something that may need to be addressed. I agreed. Better safe than sorry, right?

Awhile back I thought I was soooo lucky, because I didn't have to get the full MRI, (I am fairly claustrophobic and have anxiety sometimes, so I could just imagine me freaking out in that little machine)  I just had to get a sinus scan.  That seemed to fit anyway... my headaches seemed very sinus headachy. Piece of cake. . But that came up clear, which sent me to the neurologist and brings you up to date.

So they called to schedule an MRI. They ask if I'm claustrophobic. Yes! Ok, then we'll give you a Valium. Yay! You will need a driver. Ok!

Well I had to find a driver and a babysitter. Not always easy to find both. But I did. My niece came out to help me clean and spent the night and watched the kids for me. I mean my kids are old enough to stay home by themselves for a little bit together... but for the peace of mind, I prefer someone older with them. My husband was able to be my driver.

Oh, but here's the catch: Hubby has to go in to work before he can take me, because he's so talented he's the only one who can do this certain thing. (pretty much) So I get to wake up extra early and go to work with him and sit in the truck for about an hour. OH JOY! Have I ever mentioned that I am not a morning person? Waking up at 5:30 AM is not fun for me.

I didn't even do my whole makeup, but it's time to go......
So we pick up his recent carpool buddy and we're off for an adventure. He drops his buddy off to get some smokes (for the buddy not for hubby) and we go to pick up ice. (hubby works in construction and dang it gets hot out here in Utah)

By the way, I tend to tell all the details, so feel free to skip ahead.

We get to the job site about 7:00 AM. At least I can listen to the radio, and YAY my new favorite song came on. (Mike Posner- Cooler Than Me) Oh my gosh, that guy's voice makes me drool.. and he's not that bad looking either.

I brought my makeup, but I never did finish putting it on.
I brought a notebook to um take notes of course... for a future project that I'm so excited about, but not mentioning to the public quite yet unless you are close family.

So I get to watch hubby at work, which was pretty cool. He was done about 8:10 and my appointment was at 9:20. We had PLENTY of time to get there and I had to pee. So we stopped by his job's main office building to potty. My goodness they have the nicest bathrooms ever!

We get to my appointment about 10 minutes early. If you know us, you'd be impressed. They check me in and I get to pay $100 towards the $200 it's going to cost me. Yay! They confirm that I'm claustrophobic, we get to sign more papers and get discharge instructions. I'm asked if I'm nervous... um yeah. It's time for my Valium. They then inform me that I get to wait 40 minutes for the Valium to kick in, my MRI won't be until 10:00 AM. Sure, whatever. Hubby and I get to watch The Price is Right. Rock on!  It was some Mother's Day special and there were lots of sons and mothers that were hugging and jumping on each other way too much. CREEPY!

They call my name and it's off to the MRI. I'm led to a locker and reminded to remove all metal. I guess it's about time I took that piercing out anyway... ha ha just kidding. I'm also told that I can go potty if I want to. I'm all over that... my goodness I've been pregnant 6 times, my bladder's not what it used to be.

Now the fun starts. They lay me down and hand me some headphones. I get to listen to music to help me relax and drown out the noisy machine. Awesome! All I remember is my favorite song comes on (the one I mentioned earlier) and I remember them talking to me. I do remember hearing the noise of the machine a little.. ugh! They told me how many times they were going to do something... I pretty much slept through the whole thing and then at one point I must have twitched, I didn't even remember where I was and they're telling me, we have to do that again, you moved. Oops.

They help me up, take me to my locker and lead me back to my husband. I'm feeling all kinds of loopy. All I wanted to do was go home and crash. Yeah, try to sleep with 3 kids running around the house. Hubby had to go back to work. I felt loopy and kind of nauseous for the rest of the day. I feel like that after the dentist too. I hate it. But I'm so glad I made it through the MRI. I didn't care for the after effects, but the Valium helped me through what could have been a very uncomfortable situation. Now I get to wait a week for results.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long ramble.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and grabbing my button, I grabbed urs too.

  2. I hope the results tell U something. Hey! And I like your Twitter (recent visitors) COOL!
    I like it!

  3. Thanks Chick!

    OCB- Yeah me too. Thanks, I saw it on this really cool blog...


    I'm trying a few new things!

  4. What an interesting story! I did stay to the end! I love all the details! lol I have bad headaches too but decided to see a chiropractor! Best decision ever!!! He said I have a big curve to the right in my neck that causes my headaches. Regular doctors had no clue what was causing them. I have improved drastically. I'm also taking vitamin B. For some reason that helps?? Hope you get some relief soon!

  5. Just to update.. I was getting the headaches because I needed glasses.


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