Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paul McCartney concert- 1st time in Utah, 1st Beatle's concert for me

I got butterflies in my tummy when I went to Will Call to pick up my tickets.(Monday, the concert was Tuesday) I had bought them online about 2 months ago. Not sure why it took me so long to pick them up. It made it so real and exciting though to have those tickets in my hands.

I couldn't believe the day had come!

My mom and I were so excited!

There's my little Beatle fan...

When we arrived, it was crazy and hectic. People were EVERYWHERE. Parking was crazy. Luckily my husband took the kids across the street to see a movie so we didn't have to worry so much. I was shocked a little though that the movie theatre parking was charging $10 to park for the event. I mean what if you couldn't prove that you were there to see a movie? I felt bad for those people who couldn't get a spot. So anyway, hubby drops us off and we have to walk down to the crosswalk and over to the Rio Tinto Stadium. Just crossing the street was crazy.

It was a hot summer night. I was sweating in my seat. Luckily by the time the concert started it had cooled down and the weather was absolutely perfect! I was able to see my dad and stepmom just a section over and down from us and my aunt and uncle

just a section over too almost same row. That was fun to see people we knew.  My mom saw people she knew too.

I checked online before hand and was so happy to see that cameras were allowed. I think I got some decent pictures. (thanks to hubby for an awesome camera he got me in Singapore when he was in the Navy) I could have gotten some better shots if the spotlight wasn't lighting up Paul's face so darn much.

They released tons of confetti at the end- too cool!

My mom went with me and she was screaming like a teenage girl seeing the Beatles for the first time. Well it was her first time seeing any of the Beatles in concert. Same here. It was just pure awesome to be in the same vicinity as Paul.

Yeah, dorky angle, but here we are... loving every minute of it.

He of course played some of his solo songs, some from Wings and some Beatles' songs. One of my favorites that he played was Let me Roll it .Another favorite is Let Em In, such a fun song. Live and Let Die was pretty freaking cool too, especially with all the pyro-technics (sp?) that went along with it.

My husband said when they got out of their movie they could hear Mrs. Vanderbilt, pretty cool since John likes that song! (Me too)

He was so cute to converse and connect with the audience and he didn't let any of us down. My mom and I couldn't believe his stamina. He just kept on rocking for 3 hours straight. It was very touching when he mentioned John and then sang the song he wrote about him after he died, Here Today. It's a beautiful song, and I know most of the audience got a little teary eyed. Then later he spoke of George and how he was a wonderful ukulele player, then he played "Something" on the very ukulele that George gave him. That was very touching. I was young when John Lennon died, but I was about 23 when George died and I CRIED! I cried when Paul's wife Linda died as well. She was such a neat lady and they were a beautiful couple.

 His voice is still beautiful and he flitted around from guitar to piano to ukulele to another guitar, etc. Maybe I'm amazed....



  1. Aww!!!!
    Thanks 4 sharing this with us!!!
    Sounds like you had a good time!!
    I'm glad!!
    The last concert i went to was a l-o-n-g time ago....

  2. How cool! I would love to see him in concert! Great pictures btw

  3. My hubby would have LOVED this! And it's practically around the corner from our daughter's house, too! My neice was in our pool and got a phone call. She ignored it. Later she checked it and almost cried. She had a message from a friend that they ended up with an extra ticket for the concert because someone couldn't get go and she could go for free with them if she got back to them in the next 10 minutes. That time was long past. SAD!! :`(

    I'm glad you enjoyed it and that they've still "GOT IT!"

  4. OCB- thanks!

    Semi Slacker Mom- It was heaven. Glad you liked the pictures.

    Holly- Oh man, so sad that he missed such an opportunity!


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