Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dream come true for this Beatles' Fan! Paul McCartney concert tonight!

I get to go see Paul McCartney tonight. (in concert) I never thought the day would come. It's his first time ever coming to Utah. I feel like the luckiest girl. I know, it's not like I get to meet him, but still....

I became a Beatles' fan when I was about 4 years old. I remember listening to my dad's records (you know those black vinyl circles that play music) and singing along.

Then there were these cool things called Laserdiscs. (kind of like a HUGE dvd in the early 80's) One of the first laserdisc movies I remember was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was a movie entirely made up of Beatles' songs. There was hardly any script, well there was George Burns as narrator.
 I of course LOVED the movie. I watched it over and over and over throughout my life. I think I realized when I was yonger that the people in the movie weren't the Beatles, but I didn't realize at a young age that in the movie, the songs were not done by the Beatles.  The were sung by the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, Aerosmith and Steve Martin, just to name a few. So then when I would hear the same songs on record by the actual Beatles, it confused me a bit. My dad had to explain which songs were actually the Beatles. However, I love them all, the songs from the movie and the real songs by the Beatles. I was soo excited when I was able to get the soundtrack on cd. Did I confuse you yet?

Check out the movie trailer: HERE

I have also seen all the actual Beatles' movies, Help, A Hard Day's Night, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine.

As I got a little older I fell in love with a radio program called Breakfast with the Beatles. I think there was also Brunch with the Beatles. It was every Sunday and I would tape the program religiously. Not only that, but I would call in ALL THE TIME and request songs. The DJ (Robert Lund) got to know me quite well. One time I slept over at my cousins house and we were all calling in to request songs. The DJ asked them.. do you happen to know Jill? Ha ha ha ha.. yeah I kind of had a crush on the guy. I loved his voice and he did the coolest parodies. If you live in Utah, I'm 99.9% sure you've heard him singing jingles on the radio.

Anyway, through that program I learned to love the Beatles' solo stuff. Paul seemed to have the most out there. At the age of 12 I became friends with someone who was a huge Paul fan, and we went nuts together over Paul and the Beatles. I started buying cd after cd and I just couldn't get enough.

Later on around 14 or so, I started branching out and focusing more on the remaining Beatles music as well. For awhile ALL I would listen to was Beatles music. I burned my poor parents out for awhile. And yet, they're still fans, cuz they're going to the concert tonight!

Here are some cool Paul videos:

Goodnight Tonight

Pipes Of Peace

Say Say Say with Micheal Jackson

My Brave Face

My 6 year old daughter is also a huge Beatles fan. She's been singing along to The Beatles since she was about 18 months! (No I am NOT kidding)  Her first favorite Beatles' songs were Get Back, Hey Jude and Baby I'm a Rich man. The girl's got taste! She's my little clone in sooo many ways. Here we are singing a Beatles Megamix Karaoke style about 2 years ago. And more recently, the two of us rocking out on Beatles Rock Band with Come Together.
I will blog tomorrow about the conert.   I'm soooooooo excited!

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