Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recent health update ENT, etc.

You'll have to back track a bit to catch up on my recent health issues.

I went to my appointment yesterday for ENT. (ear, nose throat) I was there for a scan of my sinuses.

First they sprayed my nose. She warned me that it would smell good, but taste bad. She was dead on. It tasted awful, like something you'd get at the dentist.

Here are the lovely tools.....

Here I am having a bit of anxiety because they numbed my nose and throat and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

So after waiting about 10 minutes, I was led to another room where I had the scan. Luckily it was the mini scan, so not bad at all. I just sat in a chair and the machine went around my head for a minute. I did have to try and keep still. That kind of bugged me a bit. I'm sitting there wondering if I should hold my breath or not, then I'm feeling like I can't breathe. But I made it through. I was so glad I didn't have to do the one where you lay down and go in the coffin-like machine. I'm pretty sure that would have freaked me out and I would have asked to be put out for that.

10 more minutes and the dr. comes and shows me the scans and asks a few questions. He informs me that my sinuses look good. Well what the heck? I still feel like I have a sinus infection, still having headaches, pain and pressure. I had also mentioned that since I was about 10 I'd been having issues of clearing my throat a good amount.  He's thinking that could be acid reflux. I'm being referred to a nerologist for my headaches. If I am still having problems, I can go in and have a throat scope done. For now we will try a med that helps with acid reflux and see if that helps. What a lovely merry go round.

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  1. oh man!
    I hope the headaches stop soon...
    Man oh man, Tale care Jill!
    Love that picture though! Sorry you were anxious.


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