Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garbage Bags: Getting your child to listen to you and not the laptop

Maybe you can relate.

Do your kids listen to you when you ask them to do something?

Do they listen the first time?

Do you sometimes sing embarrassing songs to your kids?

Do they ignore you and keep playing on the laptop?

Do you have to threaten them with naked baby pics?

Here's a re-enactment of what happened a few weeks ago... I had to pay my son to be in the video with me. I told him, "Trust me, I'll be more humiliated than you..." He chose to not say much in the video... but that's pretty much how it happened, although when it really happened, he said... "Mom, I should put this on youtube and embarass you." He was absolutely mortified because of what I said about putting the pic on facebook... but then you see what happens.



  1. haha! What a great video! This sounds like me when Aidyn is watching Nick Jr! I could sing-dance- flap my arms like a bird, and he is oblivious! :)

  2. Thanks Brittany. I knew someone out there could relate. :)

  3. Wow!
    Did he watch the video?
    Maybe he will learn for next time.
    He placed the liner in the trash but he didn't actually neaten the liner. *sigh*
    He still has a lot to learn.
    At least he did it, AFTER like 500 "Take the trash out..."
    Boys will be boys with their toys.
    Great video Jill!

  4. Naked cowboy boots?
    Aww man!
    He gets up when you say that?? HA!

    I love the blackmail pics I get too!
    All right Mom!

    Have you checked out my other crazy blog yet? Check it out when you get a chance.

  5. Yep, it took naked cowboy boots to get it 1/2 a-- done. Seriously that's how it happened. I was like, "HELLO? can you hear me?" And then he just throws the bag in the can... "I'm done". Back to playing.... my sweet sweet ADHD child!

    Yes, I've checked out your new blog once or twice. As if I didn't have enough to keep up with. J/K!


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