Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's that time again...

Some would say I'm officially crazy. I have told the Surrogacy Agency I last worked with that I am ready to start looking again.
Some will say, Oh but you just had twins not that long ago. True and yet not. The twins will be 1 next month. I know people who don't even wait a year in between their own pregnancies. I believe that your body heals twice as fast, twice as well when you don't have a baby or babies to take care of after the delivery.

Am I wrong? Am I crazy? It doesn't matter, I'm ready. By the way, I must not be crazy or I would have no chance as a surrogate, certainly not an experienced surrogate. Although some (crazy surrogates) do slip through.

So now what?

Well, there's the fun matter of health insurance. What I have now already sucks, and what makes it suck even more is that it does NOT cover surrogacy. Although they don't clearly say that. They say something to the point of "We don't cover anything that isn't medically necessary".  I was told that surrogacy falls into that category. Oh ok, so regardless of HOW a woman gets pregnant, it isn't medically necessary to treat her? I think it's just plain stupid! If I'm the one who is pregnant, I should be covered. If a woman decides to give her baby up for adoption, she'd be covered, if a woman had an affiair and got pregnant, she'd be covered. But if I willingly get pregnant to help someone else, I'm screwed?
 ( I know I could be opening a huge debate on this)

So that's where I am at this stage in the process, looking for maternity coverage in Utah with no exclusions. Kind of bummed to be stuck, but looking forward to finding a solution and moving on to the next phase...


  1. I have been thinking about maybe being a surrogate and wondered if you could give me some information on it.

    By the way you aren't crazy at all!

  2. That is so AWESOME!
    I'm just thinking without people like you to incubate their babies they would might not have a chance to have a family.

    Are your pregnancies somewhat easy? Just wondering.

    Good luck on the insurance thing.
    That stinks.

  3. Just stumbled upon your site. You seem like such a cool woman...

    I always thought that the family you are being a surrogate for covered the financial costs... is that not true? hmm...

    Well either way. your blog is adorable, and I look forward to becoming friends! :)

  4. Hi Brittany. So glad you found me.. thanks for stopping by!!

    Yes, the family covers all costs. It just helps to have insurance in place, otherwise they are out a lot more money than they need to be. (at least that's my prespective of it)

    You're so sweet, I'll be checking you out! :)


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