Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 eyes...

After 6 weeks of daily headaches it was determined that I needed glasses. Once it was mentioned it became so obvious to me. I picked up my glasses today and I love them! I can't wait for the headaches to clear up and of course to see clearly without eye strain. The vision in my right eye was about 10 times worse than my left. I felt like a dork not realizing it sooner. Oh well. So I have astigmatism and I am farsighted. My 10 year old daughter has worn glasses since she was 2. She was so excited that her mom was going to get glasses and be like her. My eyes are still adjusting but I am noticing an improvement. Yay!


  1. Yeah for eyeglasses!!!!
    I hope the headaches go away soon.

    You look tres chique in them!

  2. TAG you are it! On my blog that is. If you can read it.
    Open my blog in Mozilla Firefox OR Google Chrome. It should work. :)


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