Saturday, December 26, 2009

Exclusion from Public School and IEP

My son is officially "excluded" from attending public school. They offered easing him out and having him go part time, but I declined. (This was the middle school, the district approved his exclusion 100%)

So, I was told to come in and sign some paper work and sign a refusal of IEP services. We had to walk around and have the teachers sign him out, make sure he didn't owe for books, etc. Well 75% of the teachers were in an assembly, so we got as many signatures as possible. One teacher gave him a packet to take home and work on and he could turn it in to get a "C" instead of an "I". I didn't really know why that would matter since I'm home-schooling him now. We turned in the paper and I was asked to sign the refusal of IEP services. I was told that if I wanted to, he could go to school JUST for his "special" classes. Well that is math where he has his LD and it's only on "A" days 4th period. So that would be Monday, Wednesday, Friday at about 1:00 PM. For some reason I said, Sure we can try that. Don't know if I'm crazy, but I thought, maybe this would be a good transition for him. ?? I'll have to take him on those days and then the bus will bring him home. Hopefully I can drop him off right after I take his sister to Kindergarten.
I also thought this would be good, because he won't lose his IEP and everything that goes along with it. So I won't have to worry about getting it re-instated down the road. It took a LONG time to get this one in place. I hope that this will be good for him. We'll see.


  1. Good luck! Keep us updated on how it goes!

  2. Hi. Just wanted to let you know I am here to talk to. I know we just met, but maybe we can work together to help our boys. Feel free to check out my preparedness blog.

    I think I am going to start a co-blog about my son and his struggles too.

  3. MJ- I think it's a great idea to work together for our boys! Thank you so much!

  4. I am sure it will be great for him. I want to home school my kids if I ever have any. You did what was best for your son and you can't worry about what other people may think of that choice!

  5. Hi! I've enjoyed going through your blog. I hope all goes well for your son. I feel that homeschooling may be down the road for me at some point. My 7 yr. old boy is Bi-polar and it can be difficult for him. It's heartbreaking. But, we muddle through and do the best we can!
    I'll be checking in again, thanks!

  6. I'm thankful/grateful for all the support. You're right, Margaret, I really can't worry about what others may think. He's my son and I know him best.

    Laura Lynn, thank you! My son could very well be bi-polar as well. Time will tell, but at 7 he was thought to be early onset bi-polar by his child psychiatrist. It can be very heartbreaking! Every day is a new day and I never know what it will bring.. good or bad.

    Good luck with your son!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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