Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now where did I put that?

I'm sure you can all relate to misplacing things. Maybe you walk into a room and wonder, "Now what did I come in here for?"

Ok totally random: My 5 year old daughter just said, "Sorry mom."  "Sorry for what?"  "For stinking up your bathroom."  HA HA HA HA.

So lately we'll be at the store, at John's parents, wherever. We'll go to leave and we do the headcount, right? Ok there's 3 kids. Wait, where's the other one? We're missing a kid. Wait, never mind, we only have 3 kids. Where's my 4th kid? I feel like I'm missing a kid. What's that all about?

My last baby was almost 6 years ago. Hubby got a vasectomy shortly after. Part of the reason I became a surrogate? Yes. Did I ever want to keep my surro-babies? Heck no, they weren't mine!  Do I want a baby of my own? Heck yes!!!

I keep telling hubby, "Now that we've been through the temple, maybe we'll have a miracle baby."
He firmly says, "No, there won't be a miracle baby, sorry."  And yet I feel like there's another baby out there for us.


  1. If it is meant to be it will happen.

  2. My husband had the same procedure, yet when we go to the temple, I wonder if we were done having kids. Logically yes we are, but emotionally, I would love to have another.

  3. Awww. what a sweet post.
    Sometimes I get the same feeling too. But we are SO not financially secure right now..Having trouble providing for the 3 we do other things will have to stay in place right now..(Like my IUD...)

    Anyway, I am SO HAPPPPY I won that book from Sharla...So surprised that I won...even left U a comment on your profile..EVERYWHERE...Can U tell I am excited?We need to SKype at each other again..I think that would be cool don't ya think? Watch my blog tomorrow..I am petitioning my readers to comment on Supah's blog to ley me SKYPE wif her...she is so FUNNNYYYY....LOVE her....

  4. Aw, we have our 3 and I feel done. Hubs had his snip-snip a few months ago. And I'm okay with it...for now. I'll probaly feel differently once my youngest isn't so much of a baby any more.

  5. Well I too certainly feel the same way, and we are still able to multiply and replenish, but financially it'll be difficult. So the more I get comfortable with just my 5 I kind of like the idea, but still can't help that someone isn't here that should be. Maybe right now, just isn't "our time", but maybe in a few more years.

    And FYI: My husband said that he felt like we were done, but still understands that there are more "spirits" that are meant for us, but says that it is probably those that are to be our grandchildren in the future. So you could look at it that way.

    Maybe Adoption??

  6. Who knows... but we aren't financially ready for a baby anyway anytime soon.

    I'm getting older though.. so ya know? Plus don't want this huge gap between the kids.. so hoping and praying for a miracle in 2011. Gotta be before 2012, right?

  7. There are so many of us looking around for that other child we want. Maybe you will have a child through adoption?

    I would like another child. I had to go through IVF for all four of ours. I'm not up for that again so I'm contemplating adoption. A friend of mine is contemplating a surrogate. I think its amazing what you are able to do for others.

  8. Karin- Since we can't afford to have a baby the natural way, I don't think we can afford to adopt any time soon. Who knows though what the future may hold.

    I think adoption is wonderful.

    Thank you!

  9. I've got baby fever something bad right now even though I know it's not the "right" time. The heart wants what the heart wants.


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