Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mingle #2

Please excuse my dorkiness.....  5 facts and 5 questions.


  1. You are so NOT a dork! You are KEWL!
    i loved it. I like the frogs...AWWW cute.
    and the fact U put them in cages...cuuute.
    and i LOVE you T shirt...Dr. pepper is awesome!

    And I LOVE your banner on your blog...How did ya do that?

    Hope you had a mahvelous day today girl! ;)

  2. I ALWAYS feel dorky doing my mingle but you look wonderful :)

    I had my tongue pierced too and have that stupid hole still LOL I took mine out too.
    I have tattoos too! Two custom pieces and two characters.
    I love the prisoner frog!

    VS stuff smells so good!

    I WAS WATCHING JON AND KATE TOO!!! Hate what happened with all that mess but he is being a total jerk.

    Anyhoo! Loved your mingle and you weren't boring at all. This is my first visit to your blog and I loved it :)

  3. OCB- Aw thanks! I was wondering if you might notice the Dr. Pepper shirt.
    Had a great day yesterday.. how about you?

    Mevolving- Me too everytime I vlog. LOL.
    Yeah that hole is so ugly. I used to have a collection of tongue rings and changed them all the time. I had different colors for different holidays. I should post pics sometime just for fun.

    Thanks lol, I have 4 frogs in cages in my office.

    I think it's ridiculous when people have that many kids together and then one or 2 things happen and they throw it all away. I think if you were serious about the marriage in the first place, you can make it work. Some people will never be happy even if they find someone else. My husband and I went through a lot of crap in our marriage, and we are stronger than ever. If we can do it, anyone can.

    Glad you liked it and thank you. I'll have to check out your blog now. I love it when I find people I have stuff in common with.

  4. You are SO NOT dorky! You are a natural at this!

    I only have my ears pierced but it was fun learning more about yours!

    Thank you so much for joining the Mingle again - I appreciate it!

  5. Aw I missed your first one but you are doing great! Tattoos and tongue piercings a woman after my own heart! YAY The frogs are too cute and you are one heck of a woman to deal with the deployments woman.

    OMG on your surrogacy woman, I need to read more I am totally intrigued, you are phenomenal! See you this Monday...I know some of us are late to comment...*cough* Speedy and I! LOL

  6. Jennifer- you are so sweet. I used to joke about how I had 7 piercings... I had 6 in my ear and then my tongue.

    Mrs. Fish- LOL. Thank you! Well as you can see I missed out on Monday this week. Yesterday was my dd's 10th b-day and I was busy with my homeschooled boy as well.


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