Sunday, December 29, 2013

More Progress #Surrogacy #5 journey Vlog Update

Progress, a little at a time. Not too bad for this time of year.

Vlog update-

One more thing, I have my psychological evaluation set up for late January. (Earliest appointment available)
Hope I pass!

Also, IM has noticed these little things we have in common that are pretty cool, little coincidences. I know that I was meant to find this couple, or they were meant to find me. It feels so right! And as time goes on, I get to know my IM more and she is so cute and sweet. I can't wait to meet her in person, and her husband & son, which probably won't be until the transfer. I hope she's a hugger. I am. And I will be very happy to see them.

My new health insurance is in place as of December 23rd.

Sometimes it's crazy (in a good way) to think I'm in the beginning of another journey.

I think a lot of progress will be made by the end of January. 

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