Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oops, skipped a level (writing)

I've always enjoyed writing, but never really imagined I'd actually be writing books. It's interesting how one thing lead to another with me writing my children's book. Then I wrote a manuscript for another children's book, which I'm fine-tuning the art of sending in. I've never submitted a manuscript before and I want to be as professional as possible. I self-published my first book, but I'm looking to get published for this one. So stay tuned...

In the meantime I took time off from writing, not that I got much else done. It just happened- the break from writing amongst the chaos of life changes Yet,. I have friends and family sending in manuscripts and getting published and I'm inspired to write again.

I recently turned my attention to some thoughts and ideas I had about a novel.

I've always heard about authors and how their characters "spoke" to them, etc. I'd never really experienced anything like that. I've just had ideas based on personal experiences. Yet as I started to write and try to form a story, my main character and idea is telling me that I'm not writing a novel, but a Young Adult book. It's kind of fun and exciting and really makes sense to write Young Adult after writing Childrens'. The wheels are turning and as I throw out ideas to my husband and children they are helping me send this story in a fun direction and it's all clicking and falling into place. Looks like I have my own little writing group. What a wonderful homeschool activity. (again)

Tristan- My middle child is excited that I'm headed towards a Young Adult book because then I could be writing books for her to read.


I don't talk much about what I'm writing, but I will say that this will be a fantasy/mystery type story and will host some interesting characters.

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