Friday, May 27, 2011

Lucky Me- A Prize in my Pasta

So, I was making dinner the other day. I was cooking some of the free pasta I'd scored. (now that I'm such a good little couponer)

I started the water boiling and added the pasta. These were fun cork-screw-like pasta and I noticed there was a larger than pasta sized, flatter shape in the water.

It looked like this:

Here is the box it came from:

And the back of the "prize" 

Hubby thinks it's a piece that broke off of the equipment. Who knows.. I'm not going to throw a fit, but I might mention it to the company. By the way, it did blend in pretty good, but you'd think someone would catch that upon inspection.

UPDATE: May 31, 2011

I contacted the company to let them know. They were very friendly and called to make sure I was ok. They will be sending me a coupon for a replacement box of pasta and will be evaluating my "prize". Once they find out what it is they will contact me and let me know their findings. 

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