Thursday, May 27, 2010

Health/sinus update

So my dr. told me to make an appt. with ENT(ear, nose, throat) ASAP. So I did. Apparantly I got in sooner than expected. They want my infection to be cleared up before they can get a good scan of my sinuses. But she was able to see that I am quite infected into my cheeks and I do have a deviated septum, just not sure how bad it is. So I get to finish current meds, start new meds and then go back for a scan in 10 days. At least we're getting somewhere. :)

It was frustrating though, that I had to pay the $30 copay and I still have to go back and pay more $$$$. Oh well! Story of my life, I'm never on time, either too early or too late.

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