Monday, January 18, 2010

Weird weekend and the scars/bruises to prove it!

I'm trying to be a good little blogger, so why not write about EVERYTHING that happens right? I mean something happens everyday.

I guess it started on Saturday. Hubby was playfully slapping my butt. Well sometimes I think he slaps a little too hard. So he's been teasing lately. "Oh sorry did I slap ya too hard?"  So this happened again on Saturday. I playfully went to kick him and he blocked me and for a few minutes I thought I had freaking shattered my shin. Nice big bruise appeared yesterday.

Then also on Saturday he asked me to get some packing paper and the darn stuff gave me a nasty paper cut on the first bend of my left pinky. Not fun.

Yesterday (Sunday) I got weird razor burn on my feet/toes. (2 separate toes, one on each foot) One of my toes looked like it had a ring of blood on it. Very odd.

Then I go downstairs to work on putting things together in the new office. I was lucky enough to get a new desk and we needed to assemble it. Well I went to move one of the heavy boxes and somehow it slipped and took off 2 of my fingernails! HOLY HELL it hurt!!! Luckily they didn't break below the nail.. but enough broke off at such speed to make me say "Holy hell that hurt!" I told John, "THIS is why I am careful and cautious when I help you move stuff". Make me rethink having long nails.

Then something happened later while John and I were putting things in my new office. Don't remember the details but I got hurt a little.

Then yesterday evening I was walking through the kitchen and my Scentsy inventory rack attacked me. I have a peg board and some of the metal hooks are longer than others. Well this long end piece just kind of reached out and grabbed me.  That definitely left a mark!


  1. Well you sure had a rough weekend. I thought I was the only one that got hurt like that all the time.

  2. Are you sure you don't have any kind of "Magnet" attached to you that seems to attact all these "accidents". Ouch.

    I feel for you. I hate PAPER CUTS!! Those have got to be the worst!!

  3. I am prone to unknown bruising from time to time.. but it's crazy when things just keep happening like that.

    Gives me character, right?


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