Friday, January 22, 2010

Awesome Friday- New Office Intro (and pics!)

What a better thing to do on a loverly Friday than to introduce my new office.....

John made me awesome big, deep shelves in my closet. We found great deals on all the furniture over time... and I picked out the light/fan I wanted, we went with the rectangle outlets and light switch. I'm really very happy with it all At one point I decided I wanted to paint the trim black. (moulding, whatever). I am happy to say that I did help a good amount towards the end. We started putting up drywall in 2007. Yeah, I'll post pics beginning to end soon. Just remind me.  :)  The only things left are to frame the window and put rocks or something nice to look at in the window well and then to hang the curtain in the closet. We decided not to do a closet door since I'd be in and out of it so much.


  1. I LOVE the purple! It looks great! ConGRATS!
    I want my own office now. ;)

  2. The purple looks even better in real life...

    Thanks! :)

  3. WOW! So jealous! Do I get to see it in real life someday? ;)


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