Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Now? (Edited update at bottom)

It's been 16 months since sweet Baby CiCi was born. I'm still pumping for babies in need.


I'm so excited I could scream! 

I have a potential match with an awesome couple.

I kind of feel like we were in the right place at the right time to have found each other.

So far everything is lining up nicely.

We've been talking for over a month. We get along great and talk about pretty much everything. We did a video call a few weeks ago.

They are everything I would want in a couple- kind, loving, respectful.
We agree on all the important stuff. We pretty much have the same vision.

They don't have any children, so this will be their first. 

They have really done their homework and researched a lot of clinics. They recently decided to go with the one we used for Baby CiCi.

10 days ago I got the call from the clinic!
They have me scheduled for a phone consult today with the Dr.

The clinic still has to approve me , but I'm cautiously optimistic that this will work out and be an awesome final journey. I can't really see why they wouldn't approve me when I was approved last time through them and had an awesome, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

I'll have to wean soon and I'm ready. I can't believe I've been pumping this long.

Wish me luck.

*UPDATE, 5/10/16:
The call with the clinic went well, however, the match didn't end up working out. We were both bummed and wished each other well. So, now I'm looking again. I'm in the process of signing up with an agency and have also been in contact with a few couples who are looking independently. It is so hard to find the right match. A connection is so important to me as well as other factors. It's also hard when I've had such amazing experiences with awesome IPs. I don't want to settle now. I feel that my final journey should be pretty damn spectacular. I'm not in a hurry, but I'm not getting any older either and I was looking forward to a break from pumping.

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