Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's up? (After the birth)

So, what have I been up to since the birth? About 1300 oz in breastmilk. (That's how much I've pumped since Catalina was born)

Yep, I've been pumping away. I've been fairly casual about it and I even sleep through the night. But I make sure I pump at least 4-6 times a day. (It feels like I'm always pumping)
I enjoy it though. I mean, it takes a lot of effort and I have to keep at it, but I do what I can to make it enjoyable. If we are running around, I pump in the car. Whatever it takes. I'm a milk mama.

While I was still pregnant, I hoped to be able to pump at least 25 oz/day. I got to that around 6-7 weeks postpartum. I am now up to about 30 oz/day and seem to be increasing still.

I haven't finished pumping yet today, in fact, I'm pumping now.

So far I have fed 5 babies with my milk and given a taste to a 6th. I have been donating to local families and will soon be donating to a milk bank. 

It's a wonderful feeling, but sometimes I feel bad like, this is Baby CiCi's milk, it belongs to her! It would absolutely go to her if my IPs lived closer or if shipping milk wasn't so expensive and such a pain in the butt. I'm glad she got some in her first 24 hours and I hope to get her more somehow.

And, in case you're wondering, IPs have stayed in touch and sent pictures which makes us all happy.

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