Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweetest thing ever- Big Brother can't wait! Journey #5

This is my sweet buddy, Hey Jude. (Baby's big brother) 

He's been asking questions and my IPs have been trying to answer them. They read him my book (which he is holding in the pic) and now he requests it at naptime and bedtime. He also won't go to sleep without holding a picture of me. Aw!

I've only Facetimed with him once the weekend of the transfer when I first met Lovely Rita in person. He is so excited and full of so much love for his baby sister. I feel so blessed to be the one carrying her for this family. Only 2 1/2 more weeks and  we'll all be hanging out together. Baby's still got awhile longer to finish cooking though. Lovely Rita says he's processing it all well! 

They recently got some girl hand me downs and he sleeps in the pile of clothes and cuddles with this monkey that LR told him is about the size of baby sister right now. 😍❤️

He also knows that I'm coming and asks everyday if I'm coming today. So sweet.

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