Thursday, September 4, 2014

25 weeks update #5 surrogacy journey

Well, let's see, I believe last time I posted I was just barely starting to show.
I am now 25 weeks today and definitely showing more. Baby CeCe is getting bigger and I can feel and even see her movements more.

This was yesterday, lounging in bed, since I was feeling yucky. I believe I have the flu or something similar.

She was moving all over the place and I finally caught it on video-

Things are going good. Except for this sickness, I've been feeling better overall. The first 4 months were not so good.

I am so excited to be flying out to see Lovely Rita (IM), Sgt. Pepper (IF), Hey Jude (baby's big brother) and Lady Madonna (baby's grandma, IM's mom) the end of this month.

It's also my birthday on the 10th and anniversary on the 20th. September is awesome. 

Even the Beatles know! Lol

So, now that we're current, let's take a peek at what's been going on since my last post-

Well, it's technically true. (One of my designs)

12 weeks, 5 days 

Silly perspective, Dr. Appt selfie
14 weeks, 4 days

15 weeks

Car selfie, 15 weeks, 5 days

First bare belly pic, 15 weeks, 6 days

16 weeks

4th of July 

Pregnant (not fat) lol

16 weeks, 6 days

17 weeks, 2 days

Weekend getaway to Grand Junction, Colorado for hubby's birthday, July 18-20.

First pictures! And ultrasound confirmed she is a girl and everything is measuring right on track!

Her long legs and this pose made me giggle.

19 weeks, 4 days

20 weeks, 1 day

Pretty sure, she should be lower on my belly. I was able to customize the text, so it says "Hi! I'm a surrobabe!"

Taking Baby to see Lady Gaga with my son. He's kind of a big fan.

All pregnancies have cravings. Mine is a Mustang! 
This was a rental. But one day, I'll get my own.

A few days after the Lady Gaga concert, we went to see Paul McCartney!!

21 weeks, 2 days

I got knocked up for a good cause... Surrogacy! My design.

22 weeks, 6 days

Surrogacy is not a job. But it has some awesome benefits!
My design.

Car selfie after Dr. appt. They gave me the yummy (not) drink to guzzle before my next appt for the glucose/diabetes test. 
23 weeks, 6 days 

I still have days where my body says- REST!

Feeling like this belly just popped out even more the other day.

I thought this was a fun perspective.

That's about it. Now we're all caught up. Sorry for the picture overload.

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