Saturday, April 12, 2014

Are we pregnant or not? Beta day!

Beta Day April 11, 2014

After blood is drawn, before the results are in-

And then, the results-

I was so nervous waiting for the beta today. I couldn't sleep much last night. Even though all these tests were looking good.

This morning's beautiful test! It was hard to keep these from Lovely Rita. Quite the awesome secret.

You can see that they started out faint and progressively darkened. But I was nervous. The tests are the first part, then the beta needs to be a good number and then it needs to go up, etc. There had been too many times when the years were positive, but the beta was low or the beta was alright, but it ended in a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy. 

But, I think 165 is a GREAT first beta number!
When I heard that's what it was, I immediately put my hand to my mouth and was close to tears. Oh my gosh! We're pregnant! 

My daughter painted my nails last night to look like positive pregnancy tests. 

Not the best polish, but it was fun.

I am on cloud 9. So happy! I can't believe it! I can't wait for the next beta on Tuesday and then the first ultrasound, etc. 


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