Monday, February 24, 2014

Next Stop: Meds & Embryo Transfer #5 Surrogacy Journey

Woohoo! All the important stuff is done and we're good to go.

I want to clear up that this is my 5th journey and 5th couple, but only 2 of the previous journeys were successful. So, high hopes that this is indeed a success. And I don't see why it wouldn't be with an egg donor and no fertility issues. (IM had cancer, but carried previously)

I wanted to add, this contract phase was pretty darn smooth! So nice. And probably my shortest contract yet.
I was worried it wouldn't get done in time, but we're still on track and good to go.

If I wasn't sick, and if we didn't have contracts to sign and homework due tonight, we would totally be going out to celebrate.

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