Friday, February 7, 2014

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I was contacted a few months ago to review a new surrogacy book. I was sent a free copy for review.

I have mentioned the book before in a giveaway here.

Read more about the book at Amazon.

So, what did I think?

 I would give it 3 stars. * * *

I enjoyed it overall. It kept my attention and I wanted to keep reading, which is good. There are books that I haven't been able to finish.

My hangup? I didn't care for how it was written. The story itself, the couple's story, was interesting. Their surrogacy journey was interesting. Some of the facts about IVF, India, etc. were interesting. Some, not so much. And it seemed to me that these facts were randomly placed throughout the book. A few added to the story, but some subtracted and I just wanted to get back to THE STORY. I didn't even realize at first that the story was a true story. I think the fact that it was, made it more interesting and enjoyable.

I definitely felt for the couple's struggle with infertility. (I can somewhat relate as a surrogate myself, and going through things secondhand with different couples.

The book tells the story of Gerry and Rhonda Wile and their struggle with infertility. They come to be the first American couple to hire a surrogate through Surrogacy India. (a clinic/agency in India)

I am not a huge fan of surrogacy in India, from other things I've read. I don't necessarily agree with how their surrogates are viewed and treated. However, I am glad that this situation seemed positive for everyone and I came to have respect for the Drs and everyone involved. I did feel a connection to the story in a way, because I carried for a couple from India (living in the states) at one time and it was a good experience. I love how the Wiles really embraced India and it's culture.

I didn't care for how the book made surrogacy (surrogates even) in America to be all about the money. And I felt that the book over glorified surrogacy in India.

In the end, Gerry and Rhonda were blessed with 3 babies- a singleton and twins.The success and the emotions make it all worthwhile.

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