Friday, November 22, 2013

#Surrogacy Interview Last Weekend

I am always flattered when asked to do an interview about surrogacy. I don't accept all offers though. I am pretty picky with who I'll talk to and what their focus is.

No matter what though, I like to do what I can to shine a positive light on surrogacy, to share an honest, positive perspective. I felt that this was one of those opportunities.

Liz actually flew in from New York to interview me in person last weekend. I was a bit more nervous than usual because this was my first in person interview. I decided I wasn't even going to "study" or rehearse. I was just going to be my open and honest self. (I'm always open and honest, but I usually like to prepare myself for the harder questions that might come up)

We met at Starbucks and I brought along my husband for support. (And quite honestly because I was meeting a stranger) My 16 year old son was also with us. I felt like I may as well involve my family since they are involved with the surrogacy journeys right along with me. I also wanted my girls to be there, because I figured the topic of my book might come up and they are my illustrators. I also wanted to give Liz a signed copy of my book and they usually sign as well.

My girls had spent the night with my mom, so she brought them a little after the interview had started. My husband and my mom both chimed in and had things to add. I think my husband may have said too much on some topics. It was nice to hear my mom being so supportive of surrogacy. (Not that I doubted her) I was happy to really see just how much my family supports me.

I think the interview went well. Liz was fun and easy to talk to. She asked a range of questions and has been reaching out to military wives who are surrogates. My first few journeys were as a Navy wife. My first surrobaby was born in a Navy Hospital. John got out of the Navy when I was barely pregnant with my Surrotwins.

For me personally, I think being a military wife in a way prepared me to be a surrogate. I knew plenty about sacrifice. I was stronger because I was a military wife. It made me a better person, a better version of myself and so did surrogacy. I think everything happens for a reason and I think one thing has certainly led to another in my life.

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  1. It was a great afternoon! I'm so glad that you accepted my request for an interview :) And thanks for linking my blog!


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