Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Every year we go to my in laws for Christmas Eve. We have a nice dinner and open presents- usually pajamas.
I have my own tradition of wearing a Santa hat each year on Christmas Eve. I like to have things fun and festive for Christmas Eve and more serious for Christmas Day if that makes sense.
Part of the fun of Christmas this year was the soda tree my husband made. I thought it turned out great. We were short on cans, so he ended up improvising to get it finished this weekend.

A few nights ago we drove around Draper and admired some amazing  houses and lights. (including a house that looked like a cross between the white house and a hotel) We even saw some deer. We ended up at the Draper temple where they had a beautiful nativity. It was awesome and touched my heart and soul.
We don't make a big deal about Santa, in fact the last few years we asked him to only fill the kids stockings, no big elaborate gifts. Not everyone can afford the extra "Santa tax" and I don't want that to be the focus of Christmas.
I'd like to read a Christmas story tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.
I hate opening presents in a messy house since it just adds to the mess. We have been getting things in order the past week which makes me happy!
We went to church yesterday after a bit of a break. It was nice to go back especially so close to Christmas.  We will remember Christ in Christmas.
Tomorrow we will have a nice Christmas breakfast, either waffles or pancakes with eggs and bacon, cinnamon rolls and egg nog. We will open our presents then off to my side of the family.
Merry Christmas to all!
What are your traditions?

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