Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas Children's Book Review

I was recently sent Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas to review.

It is written by Richard Garrett Dews and Illustrated by Toby Mikle.

From the author's webiste:

"What’s more fun than monkeys, bananas, and singing? Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas, a new pre-K and Kindergarten children’s book from Richard, helps young readers learn to count down from (and up to) 5. Kids pick up the catchy tune almost instantly, and the book’s many happy lessons seem to happen without effort!
The sing-along song was created first, before the book, and sheet music is included on the book’s last page. An MP3 instrumental version is available, from online music retailers, to lead and support young singers. It’s great background music (or a lullaby) when looped!"

This was a cute, fun book to read. I liked the story along with the counting. The pictures were bright and colorful, giving it a cheery feel. It has a lot to offer in one story. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers of young children.

My daughters are 8 and 12 and they read it as well on their own. My niece also read it and she is 8.

Jessica (8) said: "I like that it has monkeys in it because I'm a monkey. (I was born the year of the monkey and my mom calls me a monkey) Mostly in the book, the bananas are mostly green. I also like books that are like songs and rhyming stuff. I like books that rhyme."

Tristan (12) said: "I thought it was very, very interesting. Definitely a good children's book."

Tatyana (8) said:
(spoiler alert)

"It is about a monkey who first has 5 bananas. And then some of them are green. Then he has four bananas, he ate one yesterday. They are still too green. He has 3 bananas and he ate one yesterday, they are still too green. He has 2 bananas left, they are still too green. He has one banana and he ate a ripe one yesterday. They're still a little green. He has no bananas, but he'll be okay now. He picked 5 more. I liked it."

Please visit the author's website where you can purchase the book and learn more. 

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