Monday, October 22, 2012

At the airport (surrogacy #4 journal entry)

Here I am sitting at the airport. Breezed through security. I remember when it used to be a lot more fun to fly. Checked the flight status and it said 11:15. I thought crap, I guess it's delayed a bit because I thought it was @ 10:55.

I found my gate, not many places to sit. I started feeling a little anxiety. Took a potty break, went to hang up my backpack and the loopy hook to hang it with broke. It just pulled itself almost all the way out and was hanging by a thread. Started to stress a bit. Luckily I could hang it by one of the big thick straps. It's a brand new backpack, never been used. We bought it for Tristan for school and then found out they weren't allowed. They have to take cheesy drawstring bags.

Texted hubby, e-mailed Amazing Grace (Intended Mom, not her real name) and filled her in. Then I realized the flight was at 11:15. Just then Amazing Grace e-mailed back and said the itinerary said 11:15. IM and I are sometimes in sync like that.

So now all is well, super excited to begin this journey. In case you didn't know, I am flying to see my Intended Parents to be medically cleared to be their surrogate. Going to get my uterus checked out and probably some blood work.

Hmm the pilot was just sitting by me, I thought he was just a regular guy. Probably not good to hear him talk to his wife and say he's feeling kind of out of it, feels like he needs to lay down. OHMYGOSH! Pray for me.(just kidding I'm not really freaking out)  I'm sure we'll be fine, maybe he can take a little cat nap before we take off.

Tried to take a pic of me waiting, but I don't do self portraits well with phones and feel like everyone's watching me and can't figure out how to quiet the shutter. But here you go. Not an attractive photo at all but it's all I have and I think it showed my nervousness. (from taking a self-portrait in front of a bunch of freaks at the airport ha ha)

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  1. Following you back from the Aloha Friday Blog hop. I have to say, your blog is so inspirational. What you do gives families a chance they otherwise might not have had and it's really an amazing thing you do. God bless you!! I look forward to reading more of your posts!! Have a lovely weekend!


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