Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God's hand in surrogacy (I've finally found my perfect match)

There is no doubt in my mind that God plays a role in my surrogacy life. I feel that he led me to surrogacy to begin with and I've mentioned before what a blessing it has been in my life and how it has opened other doors for me.
It brings me much happiness and I feel it is where I truly belong.

I have been on a roller coaster ride the past year trying to find the right match for me. There were times when we were headed up and we got stuck on the track. Then we started to go down and God whispered that it wasn't going to work out. Sometimes I was frustrated and I didn't understand why. Then I would move on and find another potential match and we would start going up again. Things would be looking good and then God whispers that it wasn't going to work out either. This happened a few times. Sometimes the timing just wasn't right for the couple. Each time I was told that it wasn't personal and that they were lucky to have known me and wished me the best.

And then I found an amazing woman. (IM/Intended Mom) We felt a connection right away. We set up a phone call the next day. We emailed back and forth at least 30 times in the first few days as we got to know each other. We quickly formed a personal relationship built on trust and honesty.

I can talk to her about anything and everything. Some of the other PIM's (Potential Intended Moms) would get weird with me if I asked any personal questions or tried to get to know them as a person, beyond the surrogacy. Not Amazing Grace. (not her name, but seems fitting) I can't say enough about her and how great she is and how much I treasure her and our relationship.

Sometimes as a surrogate you think you know what you are looking for in an IP. I want someone who is easy to talk to, understanding, caring, loving, (especially as parents, hello!) respectful. Trust is important. It is so hard though to find someone that you really connect with. They might meet your criteria on paper, but actions speak louder than words. Amazing Grace's actions sing beautifully and warms my soul! She has exceeded my expectations- above and beyond.

She even remembered when my birthday was from a phone call a month ago. I was impressed!  :)
Our anniversaries are two days apart. How cool is that? 

I think she knows more about me and my life than my blog readers do.(and yet I haven't scared her away)
I adore her and I'm so grateful for her and for this opportunity in my life right now. She and her cute little family (husband and daughter) are flying in to meet me and my family this weekend. I am beyond excited! 

She is so selfless that when she was figuring out a weekend to come out and meet me she offered 3 different Saturdays and one of them was the day of her anniversary. I picked the weekend in between. Monday was my birthday and now I have this weekend to look forward to meeting these wonderful people. Great week for me!

It is so important to me to have a personal relationship with my IPs (Intended Parents) and to not feel like this is an impersonal business transaction. There are so many steps along the way in a surrogacy journey. We are still in the beginning steps, but so far it's been amazing. I cannot wait to move forward and see all the blessings in store for us.

This time the rollercoaster has stayed on track and I have not heard any whispers of this not working out. (and if they are coming to meet me that must be a good sign, right?)
I believe God helped us find each other for a reason and I am extremely grateful to HIM! I believe he has saved the best for last. Funny thing is, he only seems to want me to work with couples from one state in particular. This will be my 4th couple from CA.

I only hope that by blogging and bragging, I haven't jinxed anything.

Wish us luck this weekend!


  1. I hope that it works out for you. Best of luck.

  2. What an awesome blog post!! I am super excited for you and your PIPs and hope the pieces come together perfectly for you all! :)

  3. This is really to share and spiral your life through this post. I am also excited for the same and even more that what would be his name.


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