Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Double Feature- A Match Made in Heaven

I want to introduce you to both sides of the surrogacy world- the intended parent and the surrogate. But it doesn't end there. There are intended parents, plural and then there's the surrogate's husband. It's all a team effort. This story focuses on the surrogate and the intended mom.

I've spoken before about how important it is to find a good match. I want to introduce you to Hope (LDS Intended Parent of a Baby Conceived through Surrogacy) and Vanessa (A day in the life of a perfectly imperfect perfectionist)

They found each other on Craigslist of all places! They were a great match, which I would call a Match Made in Heaven. They are both LDS and they got permission from the 1st presidency to pursue surrogacy. How great is that? I hope that their story(s) will bring hope to others looking into surrogacy who are LDS and may have questions and concerns.

Most surrogacy journeys are not 100% smooth from day one. There will always be ups and downs and snags.  Hope and Vanessa had a great relationship and blogged about it all, including the ups and downs. I loved their honesty and I loved that they publicly claimed each other.

This was Vanessa's first surrogacy and she gave birth to a baby boy- Spencer on July 1, 2012 Congratulations to you all!

I wanted to be really profound with this blog post, but I didn't want to take too long to post it. Please visit their blogs and let their stories speak for themselves.

For Vanessa's stance on surrogacy and the LDS religion and to read more about what the 1st presidency has to say go here: -- 

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