Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello (2012) Goodbye (2011) A year in review through pictures

A photo timeline of 2011

It has taken me longer than I wanted to get this done. But here it is finally...
I apologize for the amount of pictures, believe it or not I had plenty more to share. Sometimes I put a caption at the top of the pic, sometimes at the bottom. Hope you can figure it out.


My sweet precious girl turns 7 on January 6, 2011 and wanted to celebrate at Build A Bear. Meet Sugar Puppy.


We love froggies!

Superman spotted in our basement

 Jeremy turned 14 on March 4, 2011

A Pirate Birthday Song

Saint Patrick's Day Breakfast

A few visitors stop by...

Momma and her girls...


Happy Easter 2011


 And 2 go down. Best part! (video above)

Loved that tub!


Nice time to pet a bunny. (at my Aunt's house)

 Teenage Cousins- The first of Grand-kids on my side of the family. My how they've grown!

 My cousin Lindsay LOVES her picture taken!
Cousin Nick and his wife Stevie- they're so cool they got married on our anniversary.
And my girlies- Tristan and Jessica.

Still May- A Field Trip Downtown to Taffy Town

Uncle Jon, Mommy Connie and my sweet little Jessica

The girls do a photo shoot with our dog, Skittles.

 Cousins born 8 weeks apart- Jessica and Tatyana.
Tristan- hanging out at Grandma's playing the Wii.

The Reeder Boys. I think this was Father's Day.

Still love him so!
Momma gets a vanity!

Good time for gardening....

Our pregnant Dalmatian Molly Dotty (the white one)

And then.....


Tennis Anyone? With Grandpa Don

Bound and determined.

At the Sandy City Fourth of July Parade...

Some bum who wouldn't stop talking to me. (LOL)
Mommy Connie, Uncle Jon and my son Jeremy

 John's sister Toni and Mom Wendy
John's Dad Tom in the background

Me and my Sweetness (looks a lot like that Bum, huh?)

 Iron Man stopped by for a visit.

   Dotty and some of her babies

The Babies.


Went to Salmon Idaho for an adventure...

Natural Hot Springs where Jeremy said "OH nice, it's cold, I mean hot."

My pal at Benihana's. Me and hubby go there for our anniversary. This year we went for my birthday because we get these awesome FREE $30 gift certificates and I only had a week to use it. (Usually we can use them for the whole month of September and our anniversary is also in September)

Peach Day Parade ON my birthday. NOT what I wanted to do on my birthday, but still had fun. I'm the one wearing the hat by hubby in Camouflage.

Celebrating our anniversary in Mesquite, Nevada:

A fat little toad we found while checking out the pool and spa area.

The only thing Johnny wasn't quite able to plank.

 Ready for our massages.

Las Vegas Benihanas

Johnny's most impressive plank yet!


Like Mother like Daughter

 Handsome and rugged, Indiana Johnny!  :)

Ah, the joys of dressing up together!

Showing our Military/Navy Pride on Veterans Day

 Another impressive plank.

Christmas Eve

Tristan holding sweet little Bonnie.

He loves babies and kids! A very playful uncle.

Christmas Day:

She'd been asking for this Spin Brush since last Christmas, finally got it!

 Me looking somber
 Little Jessica got me this AWESOME Coca Cola Bank for all my spare change.
 Johnny got spoiled with Fox attire
 Come here puppy, time to open your present.

Now she can rock out with us.

 Santa Grandpa
 Jeremy and his little buddy. Elijah was studying Jeremy's every move and copying him in the cutest way.

 Jessica (My youngest daughter who will be 8 in 2 days) takes over my camera... and does a mighty fine job of some snap shooting....
 My brother Christian and his nutcracker. Our grandparents give us all nutcrackers every year.
 My niece Sierra
Mac and "cheese" ha ha ha.

 Shannon and Kathie (my Step Mom)
 Johnny playing Uncle as he does best
Up close and personal

 Isn't she beautiful? My lovely niece Meijken and my Dad.
 Cousins- Maddie and Kennedy
 Cousins- Sierra and Tristan born 6 weeks apart

 Me and my sister

Mommy Connie enjoying a Christmas card and Jeremy counting his Christmas Cash.

Crap, I realized I can't find pictures of my daughter Tristan's Birthday. It's December 14th and she got her nails done with her cousins.

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