Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fed up with unemployment, food stamps, etc.

What a flipping rollercoaster we have been on since John was laid off in October.

We went in right away to apply for Unemployment and ended up applying for Food Stamps and Medical Assistance as well.

Things went smooth for about a week. We got the unemployment, food stamps and medical for our kids. John and I don't get medical. Because John is a Veteran, they say he has "other insurance" and can go to the VA hospital for everything. Not sure why I couldn't get anything.

So we're set up and things are ok and then all of a sudden I get a notice saying that my son is no longer eligible for Medical and will only be covered for the month of November. However, my girls get to stay on. What the hell?

In fact, here's the notice:

We have made a decision about your eligibility for benefits. Below is a summary of the eligibility results.

Childrens Health
10-24-2011 December 2011 Change
Children's Health Insurance Program
There has been a change to the Household benefits for this Program. The following individual(s) remain
eligible for this program:
Please review the following information for details:
• The above individual(s) will be enrolled in the Childrens Health Insurance program. Their
enrollment will continue until the end of your current eligibility period.
Please note that the change to Household Members may show the removal of a member
and at the same time, an addition of a different member.

• The number of eligible persons in your household has changed.

This made no sense to me. It doesn't explain WHY. Nothing had changed, and yet to them the number of eligible persons in our household had changed. After some digging and decoding and hours spent either on the phone, online chat or in the office, we find out that THEY thought our son had other insurance. But rather than calling us and clarifying it, they make a decision and send us a notice that is as clear as mud.

Our food stamps have been messed with as well with UNCLEAR notices. Then we clear them up and all of a sudden there is another problem. And of course, we are sent a very vague notice.

Calling and chatting online is a joke, if not a nightmare. First you get to wait at LEAST 30 minutes for either. Then you end up speaking to someone who doesn't know what's going on and has to decode someone else's notes. The only way we get things figured out is if we make the 30 minute drive to the office. BUT, even then, they are not the ones that send the notices, so they have to do some decoding.

Hubby and I feel like we are jumping through hoops. Not just any hoops though, hoops on FIRE! And every now and then we get burned.

I tried chatting twice last week and waited about an hour each time even thought the wait was only supposed to be 46 minutes. One time they closed the chat on me without even starting the session. The other time, no one ever came on. I've been waiting to chat as we speak since 12:55 PM. It was supposed to be a 26 minute wait. It's been about 43 so far. Makes you feel like a really important person. To top it off, I'm sick right now. Don't have much of a voice or patience for calling in and don't feel good enough to make the drive over. So this sits unresolved for awhile.    :(

It is time consuming, stressful and frustrating! All we want is to get back on our feet and have a little bit of help in the meantime. John is even filling in applications for jobs that pay very little just to stay honest. However, NO ONE is calling him back. No job offers... nothing! That's ok though, because he will be starting school next Monday. My baby's going to college. I think I mentioned that if I could figure out how, I'd like to go too.

That hasn't been easy either- figuring out all the school stuff. We thought we had it all figured out, but have had to re-do a few things. We're getting closer though. This will be a cool experience for all of us. Plus he's using his GI Bill, so he's getting PAID to go to school. Can't get any better than that, right?

Oh hey- someone is acknowledging me on chat...49 minutes later. Wish me luck.

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