Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What accident?

I'm at Walmart the other day with my husband and he takes off to go look at something. I get a phone call on my cell. It looks like a California number and I answer it, hoping maybe it's good news from the agency.

It was Geico. They were calling in regards to the accident on December 17th. They wanted to get a statement. I was stumped. Were they talking about 2 years ago when John hit the deer? I think that was around December. I didn't get it. Why would they call about an old accident? So I say, I'm not sure which accident you mean. They explain, the accident on Dec. 17 that involved our F1-50. Well my husband had told me that the headlight had fallen out the other day while he was driving. Weird. Just out of nowhere it fell out. I thought well maybe he put a claim into Geico since we had been talking about if they would cover that or not. So I ask, is this about the headlight? Well I don't know about a headlight, but I guess the other car got rear-ended, a Mazda, etc. I laugh and say, I hadn't heard anything. They ask if they can speak to my husband and I say, yeah let me find him. I can't find him, so I give the guy his cell number.

Hubby won't answer the phone if he doesn't know who's calling him. They called him and he didn't answer. So then he's looking for me and calls me on my cell phone. He says where are you? I say, the question is...... Where were you December 17th? I was teasing, but wondering if maybe he knew something but didn't think it was a big deal. Or maybe he'd called and told them about the headlight? He doesn't know what I'm talking about. He asks if I'm joking. I say no, Geico just called...  Then he remembers that his coworker had borrowed the truck on Friday- December 17th. I was so flipping pissed. This guy borrows the truck to go get doughnuts and we're not clear what happened, but he apparently hit someone. Then he didn't even say anything to my husband.. but he must have exchanged information with the lady. Hello! Did he not think we would notice or that the insurance company wouldn't call? He didn't even say anything when my husband had told him that the headlight mysteriously fell off that night!

John (hubby) wasn't very happy that I was accusing him of not telling me something. I just didn't know why Geico would be calling and he had told me the light fell out. I had no clue anyone had borrowed the car. I told him to let the guy know that he caused a nice little fight between us.

This is our family truck. It's the nicest vehicle we have. We've had it less than a year. We can't afford to pay the deductible to get it fixed. Hubby has since talked to the guy and let him know that he needs to pay to get it fixed. UGH! What a nightmare. I hate not being able to trust people and what hubby hates the most is being LIED to!


  1. Dude... that stinks!! What a loser guy, who won't own up to something that happened in a car that isn't even his!!

    I hope it all works out for you. I also hope things are better between you and the hubs.

  2. Oh my. I agree with Wendy. What a loser guy who didn't own up to what he did in a car that wasn't his.
    Good luck solving the whole problem.
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  3. WTH!? I'd certainly have some choice words for the co-worker! I hope he really does pay up! What a mess!

  4. WTF? That's terrible! Want me to fight that guy for you? I'll fight him.

    Good luck getting him to pay up! That really sucks!

  5. It sucks, we're going to have to get the money up front from him before setting it up to get fixed. :(

  6. WOW! What a loser is right! I mean, who does that?! Jeez louise! I'd have his insurance pay to fix your car and cover the damages on the other car, not fair for your rates to go up! People amaze me. ::smh::

  7. They got a hold of him and I guess he admitted he was at fault. UGH! I don't know if we can have his insurance cover it?


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