Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis the season to get sick

I hate all the crap that's going around. You've got the flu, croup, the common cold, some sort of stomach virus, etc. I hate how it can recirculate. I've avoided church for the past few weeks for this reason.
I had a cough, it sounded nasty, I believe it was croup. I would wake up in the middle of the night choking; gasping for air. It was scary as hell.  I hoped and prayed that my husband and children wouldn't get it. Luckily they didn't. Even after the cough went away, I'd still wake up choking for about a week or 2. (not every night, but maybe once or twice a week)

Right now a few of us have the sniffles. Not too bad in comparison! I'm still cautious to be around too many people. I hate to be in a vulnerable stage and catch something. We did go to church today, but Jessie and I came home after sacrament.

I was saddened to learn that a family in the ward/neighborhood lost their little boy (3 yrs old) to croup this weekend. I don't know all the circumstances, only that he had Croup and stopped breathing. There were not many dry eyes at church today, but the love for this family could be felt. John (my husband) was holding Jessica's (our 6 year old) hand and I know what he was thinking/feeling. How easy it can be to take our little ones for granted when we get caught up in the chaos of everyday life. How precious they are to us. I can't imagine losing a child.


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  1. Yikes! I can't imagine losing a child either!
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.


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