Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Won't you be my organizing buddy? (A confession) Long- but maybe you can relate?

Ok so I admit, I sometimes live in CHAOS. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome as described by FLYLADY) Well most the time really. I don't mean to, I don't know when or why excactly. When I was growing up I always had my room cleaned and organized. Then I had a baby and a husband and things started slowly getting out of control. Maybe because I was still young. It was a lot to take on at once. I was a wife and a mom within 6 months of each other. We lived in an apartment with my uncle and aunt for a bit and then moved in with my mom and dad for the first year of our marriage. So I only had our room to clean and the baby's and help keep the rest of the house clean. (not hard because my mom kept a tidy house)

When John was first in the Navy, it was the first time we were truly on our own. Just the 3 J's... Jill John and Jeremy in Mayport, Florida. We had a little 2 bedroom apartment. It wasn't completely horrendous, but there was a good amount of clutter. There seemed to always be dishes in the sink, but I really wasn't lazy about doing the dishes. I guess I just wasn't a fan of putting them away when they were done. The kitchen table pretty much always had stuff on it. STUFF, papers mainly.  I don't remember eating on that table very often.

I enjoyed doing the laundry, but sometimes Jeremy was taking a nap and I wasn't able to put away the clothes.  Yeah I know... nice excuse. It was just one of those things. I guess for the most part there were other things I'd rather do? I mean I was a newlywed, wanted to spend all my time with my husband and we were far from "home". During the day I was busy with Jeremy and when John came home from the ship, I wanted to spend every minute with him.

Anyway, we moved A LOT and in each new residence I had different "issues". I don't know how to explain it.  When we were in San Diego in our lovely apartments that were supposed to be condemmed, I wanted to find a better way to do things. I didn't want to live in CHAOS, I wanted a clean house with everything in it's place. Living in a house that is 100% clean would make me feel like a Queen in a castle.

 I searched on the internet and came accross FLYLADY's website.  I started babystepping and it felt pretty darn good. I was happier and not as stressed if people came over. I hadn't perfected my cleaning and organizing skills yet though. That was around 2000-2001. My husband went on a few deployments and I moved "home" with my parents again and then we ended up buying our 1st home. My mom moved in with me and things were good. She has always kept her house neat and tidy. I wish it had rubbed off on me. Together we did pretty good. I kept up with things a lot more when she was around. I had 2 kids at the time and they didn't have too many toys. I could help them clean their rooms fairly easily.

Then we moved to San Diego again. This time in pretty nice military housing. Well somewhere along the way, I dropped the ball. I guess I stopped following the routines. I got frustrated and couldn't keep up with anything again. I'd want the whole darn kitchen  (or living room, etc.) to be clean, and it was an all day or 2 task. With each move we seemed to accumulate more STUFF. And yet, I didn't always know where to put all this stuff. We even got rid of lot's of things before each move.

I guess going from an apartment to a house, it can be easy to want to fill it up with stuff. And then we went from a house to a bigger house. Now I'm in that bigger house with 3 kids. My husband's out of the Navy, so of course I want to spend time with him.. catching up on all the time we spent apart.  It's not as easy to help the kids clean their rooms anymore. They want to keep everything, but they don't put their things away very well. Even if I find places for their things, they can't seem to get their items back in the right places. We all get frustrated trying to tackle the mess. Their messes end up pouring out into the hall at times.

I'm good to do a little at a time and not get frustrated or burnt out.. but there's still plenty left to be done.  I freak out if we are going to have a party and do my best to make the majority of the house presentable.

I try my best to at least have my front room clean. at all times. I am proud to say I've been VERY good at keeping that up lately. However, if someone were to walk through the rest of my house, I'd be fairly embarrassed. My new office is the cleanest room in the house right now and I hope I can keep it clean!

Let me assure you that I make sure to clean the bathrooms once a week, the kitchen, etc. It's mainly clutter. My table is usually cleaned off, we eat with clean dishes and we all have clean clothes to wear. I guess that's the minimum of sorts.

This morning, I was going to go back to bed for a bit at 6:45 AM, but I decided to read for a bit. The book I grabbed was "Sink Reflections" By Marla Cilley- AKA FLYLADY. I think I stumbled upon the book at a garage sale about 2-3 years ago. I had never really read it. But it called to me this morning. I only read the first few pages of the 1st chapter, but it got me back into the swing of things. My sink is clean and shiny and not full of dishes! I've gotten many other areas clean throughout the day.  (15 minutes at a time) Tomorrow I will wake up happy and less stressed and I won't mind if someone stops by. What's even better is that my children are home with me all day and I am teaching them GREAT habits that will make them happy later in life and they won't have to live in CHAOS.

Can anyone relate? Does anyone want to be my organizing buddy? I am ready for this change in my life and look forward to the future. Does anyone want to come along for the ride?


  1. YUP! Totally understand. I have been busy cleaning my kitchen. Sparkly clean. I'll post a pic on FB.

  2. The problem with cleanliness is, it's impossible to "keep". It's an ongoing process, day in and day out. I heard a quote once that is so true. "Cleaning is one of those things that's only noticed when it's NOT done." Too true.
    Maybe it's time to de-clutter. A place for everything and every thing in it's place, if you haven't used it in a year, chuck it,....I'm sure you've heard em all. But you have birthed three capable "slaves". Time to put them to use. No sense trying to do it all on your own. :) Good Luck!

  3. I wish I could get myself more organized, but I'm just WAY too tired (and over extended!) to commit. I did call in the professionals to hook up my pantry and can't wait until it's done. That's gotta count for something, right?! Good luck!

  4. I do pretty good at keeping a relatively clean house....well, compared to SOME people it's clean. Except my home office. That's where I just shove stuff...and close the door. But it's not completely my fault (yes it is). I don't have good storage options in there. If only I had proper office furniture...... (That's what I tell my husband.) Now that my kids are 6 and 8, I do make them clean their own rooms and their playroom. They also help put away dishes, take the trash, etc.

    The kids are out of school today and spending it at Nana and Papa's. Maybe I'll tackle a small part of the office.......nahhhh, maybe I'll just read blogs. LOL

  5. I've "used" the flylady system for years. my house is still cluttered, but I've made it a goal the past few weeks to keep the kitchen cleaned up, and you know what I am happier, I'm less frustrated by the mound of dishes that would normally have been in the sink first thing in the morning as well. and it's slowly bleeding into other parts of the house as well. I made the kids take all of their toys down to the play room. I don't want THAT many toys in my front room, it just makes it FEEL so messy all the time. I also made them take the vast majority of toys out of their own bedrooms too. Just makes bedroom cleaning day easier on all of us!

  6. I have to keep on top of my office. My paper clutter is the worst... and it's everywhere. I'm trying to work on that.

    I'm also working on getting the toys moved out of the kids rooms. Might as well take advantage of our unfinished basement.

    We're seeing an improvement overall a little each day... and we're all keeping the sink empty! :) YAY!


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