Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Hammer Lincoln!

When Jeremy was little, about 2 or so, he was very interested in money.  John and I taught him who was on the dollar bill, quarter, etc.  Whenever it came to Abraham Lincoln.. he would pronounce it Hammer Lincoln. It was so freaking cute!!! He could tell you who was on everything from the penny to the ten dollar bill.

We recently got a new set of books for a great deal. They teach about values through telling the stories of historical people. Today we will be learning about respect which tells the story of Abraham Lincoln.


  1. That is so cute!

    You have an award over at my blog!

  2. Read Team of Rivals about Abraham and those who ran against him to become Pres. and then his brillaince in bringing them into his cabinet. LOVE IT. The best part was during a huge conference a reporter wrote about how humbling dressed he was but that he wore a priceless gem about him; referring to his son. Abe would allow his boy to come up to him at any time. Whether he was campaigning or in the White House holding serious discussions on the war. He managed it. I love that man!


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