Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day ( and week or 2 in review) Surrogacy Journey #5

First of all Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I posted this earlier today on Facebook and Instagram-

#throwbackthursday & #flashbackfriday Comes early this week in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 
This was 5 years ago with my surrotwins. 30 weeks, 6 days. I would be in preterm labor and in the hospital 1 week and 1 day later and they would be born 2 weeks, 1 day later. (33 weeks)

And now let's catch up on the past 2 weeks, oldest to most recent-
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Fun Lupron side effects. I had a lovely hot flash that turned my face red, along with nausea and a headache.

Ultrasound and bloodwork 3/11/14

So, I started Estradiol every 3 days

I wanted to make sure I was injecting in the right spot (even though I've done this a few times), so I asked hubby to draw an X in the upper quadrant. Well, X marks the spot. Lol! P.S. that's my hip, not my bum. Ha ha.

And back to today. (3/17/14)

I think that about covers everything Surro-related since my last blog post. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Surrogacy Vlog First Lupron Injection Journey #5

Better than nothing. My phone ran out of space. It hurt a bit going in.
(A little lump appeared about an hour later)  I haven't done a Lupron shot in years and last time I did one, it was in the arm. So obviously, I am starting the injections and this was my first Lupron shot for this cycle. Let the fun begin! It's still a bit surreal at this point.

I received my meds on Friday, February 28. Always exciting!! 

Not including the Estradiol which should be coming this week.

I started active Birth Control December 28, 2013. Lovely Rita bought me some awesome whole food prenatal Multi vitamins and Vegan DHA supplements. I started those in February. I started Baby Aspirin and Folic Acid March 1. 

This is just my morning dose.

I am excited to go back to Utah Fertility Cevter for my local monitoring. I'm excited to see everyone. I will do my baseline ultrasound next Tuesday and I will have ultrasounds and blood work done once a week to check on things. (My lining and Estrogen and Progesterone levels)

Somewhere out there is an anonymous egg donor prepaying for this same transfer. Only she is preparing her body to donate/release eggs. I wish her the best of luck and I hope she's excited as I am to be on this awesome team.
The egg retrieval should be March 25 and the transfer should be between March 31 and April 3.

Legal wise, we have to do a few things in court to get the contract validated. That ball is ready to roll. As I was reviewing things, I came across my psychological report. I didn't expect to see that. It was nice to see on paper that I am not psychologically impaired. I feel like the psychiatrist was very nice in her report about my husband and I. She even mentioned that I was a surrogacy advocate and had published a surrogacy book.

Well, this is really happening! I sent a picture of all the medications to Lovely Rita earlier this week. She asked if I was ready. I said too late now. Ha ha. Of course I was kidding. I am absolutely ready. But I always get a little nervous. I think mainly about the shots. I don't know why though. I'm a pro by now. I think I'm just anxiously excited about the whole thing, which is totally normal.