Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who wants to be a surrogate?

No seriously... anyone?

Because there are Intended Parents out there who need to find that special someone. You could be the key to their dreams coming true. Ever notice that storks and angels both have wings?

I went to my appointment today for my medical screening for my latest surrogacy.

Turns out the Dr. at the clinic is the reason behind Utah legalizing surrogacy. I think he deserves a big Hallefreakinlujah! I felt like I was meting the president when he told me that. Wow!

He suggested I become an advocate for surrogacy and I'm starting to think I kind of already am. I told him about all I do within the surrogacy community; design t-shirts and other merchandise, wrote a children's book, etc. He seemed to be impressed and we chatted for a good amount of time. I left him with a copy of my book and some stickers and bookmarks.

Everyone was wonderful there.

He told me that they have a list of Intended Parents looking for surrogates. So let's make some matches, let's help create families. I know there are some great ladies out there who are looking to be matched or who are contemplating being a surrogate.

If you're serious about wanting to be a surrogate and would like to learn more, I suggest you check this page out:

You can contact me for more info or head over to Utah Fertility Center. Tell them I sent you. I hope you have room for all the blessings that come with being a surrogate.

Jill/Mormon Surrogate


  1. If I could do it, I would! Sadly, I am the one who needs a surrogate.. With ALL my stillbirths, HELLP Syndrome, preemie's you name it- Your an ANGEL to SO many! I think what you do is awesome.

  2. You're a fabulous surrogacy advocate!! :)

  3. Surrogate motherhood – the realizing of a dream... more and more infertile couples share their experiences of the surrogacy program in the Internet... this is a great factor to overcome their fears and a step forward to give birth to her own child ... The main thing is not to despair and not to think that everything can be done in vain ... Never give up!


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