Monday, June 13, 2011

May 24? 2011 Field Trip to Taffy Town and Temple Square

Sorry I've been slacking. Trying to catch up.

A few weeks ago we went on a field trip with my mom and uncle. I drove the van and pretended it was a school bus. Hee hee hee.We decided to check out Taffy Town. We watched a little video about how they make taffy and the company's history. If I remember correctly, honey was their first taffy flavor and their most popular. They used to be a candy company named Glade. Now they just make taffy. They do however sell a few other candies and I scored me some Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellys. YUM!!! We went home with all kinds of fun taffy flavors: honey, maple, strawberry cheesecake, cherry cola, rootbeer float and many more. We also got to sample some fudge.

After Taffy Town we decided to go to the Beehive House. I knew I'd heard of it, but I wasn't sure what exactly it was. Well, it was Brigham Young's home. Silly me. I didn't take any pictures there, sorry. But you can check it out here. What's cool though is that on our family vacation in 2010, we stopped in St. George and saw his Winter Quarters

It was really pretty walking through Temple Square and seeing the changes of Spring. There were flowers everywhere. Some I hadn't ever seen before.

Tristan was so excited to see a butterfly. She said she'd never seen one before. (I'm sure she's just forgotten)

On our way to the Beehive House, we were stopped and asked if we'd like to participate in something for the church. (yes THE church, lol) We were to write down things about hope on a little piece of paper. Then we had our picture taken with what we had written. We *might* end up in a little video on the internet. I'll let you know if we do.  If not, maybe I can at least hunt the guy down and get the picture he took.

We ended our field trip eating pizza at Papa John's. I hadn't had Papa John's pizza in a long time. When we lived in Florida we used to order it weekly.

I had a long drive home, so I had a yummy Rockstar. (one of the fruity guava ones) 
I shared it with my mom and she really liked it! 

I told her how they perk me up with all the B Vitamins.. and then I started talking a lot. 

Fun Day!  :)


  1. I have been wondering if taffy town was any fun!! I love all the pictures up at the beehive house.. It looks like a fun free time :)

  2. Yeah, Temple Square has some pretty flowers!


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