Monday, April 18, 2011

Phentermine and bad dreams

One of the crazy side effects from being on Phentermine was bad dreams. I mean you'll notice that they aren't your typical bad dream. You'll know they're drug-induced. Well I've been off Phentermine about 2 weeks and I'm still having the crazy bad dreams.

My husband had to leave early this morning. When I woke up with him, I thought "Awesome, I didn't have a freaky bad dream". But then I went back to sleep. I dreamt of my youngest daughter getting ran over. As with all dreams, I can't remember details, but she ran out into the street. It was this split second thing where everything was good and then she's running and I'm running after her and I'm screaming to stop and telling her how dangerous it is. It was a very busy intersection. So she gets ran over. AWFUL! Luckily she doesn't die, but she's all bloody and her arm is limp and the Dr. is thinking her arm may never be the same again.

Then I dream that I'm living at my parents' house and my brother has had these girls stay the night and it's the next morning. I'm asking him to get all their crap cleaned up because I need to do my Yoga and it's all in the way. These girls keep giggling and I don't remember much else aside from my brother looked and acted like he was on drugs. I'm trying to text my Dad to let him know what's going on, without being obvious about it. He comes home soon after and I don't remember how he handled it.. but I got all smart and told my brother he should probably give the girls a few bucks for a pregnancy test.


  1. OMG lol! I never remember my dreams, i don't sleep very heavy though

  2. Really, this medication causes bad dreams? Then, I better not recommend using this to my friends, it is just not healthy to do.
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  3. Yep, really. It might not for everyone, but it did for me and others.


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