Friday, February 18, 2011

A small victory and a new dating idea

Today is day 7 on Phentermine and day 7 of kicking butt at eating better.  I feel thinner already and that's a good feeling! I've been weighing myself the last few days and I'm noticing a trend. The numbers are getting smaller. Hooray. I've lost about 4 pounds this week. It's enough to keep me motivated to keep on track.  Even hubby said I feel thinner. By the way, I'm not feeling the crazy side effects as much.

We've been doing breakfast dates the last few weeks. We actually haven't gone out on dates consistently for a long time. I don't even remember whose idea it was, so I may as well claim it.   :)
Going out for breakfast instead of dinner is genius!

  1.  It's a bit cheaper, depending on where you go.
  2. It gets you up and going on the weekend and you can get more done.
  3. The restaurants are usually cleaner in the morning and the restrooms are well-stocked with toilet paper, soap, paper towels.  YAY!
  4. It's different, new and exciting. 
So this morning we went to Denny's. I stick pretty close to the Weight Watchers plan and I've been eating under all week. What does that mean? That I have some calories leftover. You can "bank" them for a special occasion, etc.  Even so, I wanted to eat healthier. I didn't just want to go out and waste all I've done this week. So I ordered the wheat pancakes, with scrambled eggs and no cheese (I always order it with cheese, but figured I could live without it) I also got fresh fruit and turkey bacon.  I was able to eat 1/2 and then I had to stop. I was so proud of myself. I stopped eating when I was full. I can do good at home, but when we go out to eat it's hard and it's there in front of me and I want to keep eating it.  Today is a good start and I have hope. I can't wait to do my first month's weigh in.

Here's a picture of me last time I worked my butt off and lost weight. This is my final goal to get back to one baby-step at a time.


  1. Good for you! If I had insurance I would be at the doctor asking for some of this you are on. I am going to let a friend of mine know, who does have insurance to ask her doctor about it.

  2. Keep up the work! I hate, hate diets but if you stick to it it's so worth it. Just keep your eye on the goal.

  3. You look great! Congratulations on your weight loss!

  4. Ruth- what's nice is that my Dr's office has a weight loss clinic, you can go and be seen for $20/visit. They don't bill insurance since insurance won't pay for weight loss. I heard Costco is a good place to get Phentermine, but I'm sure you still need a prescription. I was happy that my prescription was only $13 at Smiths.

    Shannon- thank you! I hate diets too, that's why I love Weight Watchers. I don't fully give up anything, I just cut back and balance things.

    Sarah- I don't look great yet... that's an old photo for motivation! :)P

  5. Jill, you are doing great. keep it up. Learning how to eat out as well as eat at home is a big part of the trick. You have to be able to live normal life and still learn how to lose. You are always an inspiration because you set your goal and go after it. I am proud of you. Kathie

  6. Thank you Kathie, that is so sweet.
    Yes, eating out is tricky. It is important to live a normal life and to find a good balance while losing and after.


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